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<nettime-ann> [event] kuda.org - lecture Felix Stalder and concert of punk surf group RAGMAN


New Media Center_kuda.org in Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad
Cinema room, Dunavska 37 / Thursday, 9. March, 19:00h

The Stuff of Culture: The Materiality of the Digital
Felix Stalder, Vienna/Zurich

The lecture is initiated by publishing of the book "Open Cultures and the
Nature of Networks" by Felix Stalder, at the end of 2005. The book speaks
upon contemporary aspects of cultural production and consumption, ranging
from the de-centering of authorship, which moves away from individuals to
groups, networks or  communities, to the blurring of the line between
artists and their audiences,  the organization of cultural industries,
the adaptation of intellectual  property law, the future development of
technology, the status of a work  of art itself and the other processes
inspired by movement for Free and Open Source Software. More about the
book and its free download at:

Felix Stalder is researcher, writer and lecturer in media economy at the
Academy of Art and Design, Zurich and a managing partner of Openflows
(www.openflows.org), an international network enterprise focusing on
research and development of Open Source technology and culture. More
about Felix's work at: http://felix.openflows.org

Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad
Gallery Dunavska 37 / Thursday, 9. March,  21:00h

RAGMAN, Novi Sad
Concert of Novi Sad based rock group, which is publishing its music under
the Creative Commons license and by that enables free use, copying,
sampling and re-distribution of heir work. Ragman: www.ragman.tk
Felix Stalder's lecture in Novi Sad is organized by New Media
Center_kuda.org and Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad. All lectures of
Felix Stalder are realized with the support of Swiss Cultural Program
Serbia and Montenegro -   PRO HELVETIA Belgrade, Austrian Cultural Forum
Belgrade and PRO HELVETIA Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Zurich.

O3ON Gallery, Belgrade / Friday, 10. March, 20:00h
Public debate on the theme The Stuff of Culture: The Materiality of the
Participants: Felix Stalder, Vienna/Zurich, Marcell Mars, Zagreb and
kuda.org, Novi Sad

Marcell Mars is web programmer and the member of mi2, Multimedia
Institute from Zagreb, where he's running whole production of the media
lab and especially projects connected to Free and Open Source Software,
like TamTam software is and egoboo.bits free content publishing project

University of Art Belgrade / Rektorat, Kosancicev venac 29 / Saturday,
11. March, 15:00h
Lecture by Felix Stalder (Vienna/Zurich)
The Space of Flows: Culture in Networks

Felix Stalder's lecture in Belgrade are part of the festival "Zoom to
Fit", which is dedicated to visit of Richard Stallman and to the idea of
Free Software (GNU/Linux), which will be held from 6 - 12. March in
Gallery O3on and in "Dom omladine", in organization of groups Free
Software Network and Dez.org. Full program and additional information,
pls find at: www.dez.org.yu i www.o3on.co.yu

Also at the "Zoom to Fit" event:
O3ON Gallery, Belgrade / Saturday, 11. March, 18:00h
Gouest, Richard Stallman (press and public interview) conversation with
workshops' participants and journalists. 

Pogon Doma omladine Belgrade, Makedonska 22/IV / Sunday, 12. March,
Lecture by Richard Stallman: 
The Free Software Movement
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