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<nettime-ann> [ann] Gallery1F presents format.fetish
jake elliott on Wed, 15 Mar 2006 00:15:06 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Gallery1F presents format.fetish



Gallery1F is very excited to announce our second web-only exhibition,
'format.fetish,' featuring work by jonCates [.US] and ant scott [.UK],
and invite you to our open reception in a pop-up window with music by
net.dee.jay christian rieben.

URI: http://gallery1f.org/

format.fetish highlights patterned choices of file formats and data
structures byemploying multiple (some disparate, some related) digital
systems by which to contextualize work by jonCates and Ant Scott.  The
exhibition presents the art works in a reduced but highly valent
framework.  In its collection of a variety of formats, format.fetish
does not assume a maximal approach, but employs these formats as
preparatorial limitations, filters of and windows into the work.

With both contemporaries and predecessors in code-based artwork as
inspiration, Chicago based artist jonCates manipulates files to both
create art products and to re-frame the hystorical conditions of
net.art.  format.fetish presents the premier of his My Mini AVI.  A
complex space in which jonCates' alter-self, a seeming mini-jonCates,
talks the viewer through a room designed after the Korean Internet
community game 'cyworld'.  In his room the mini-Cates is surrounded by
television sets arranged like a Nam June Paik video installation. Each
television screen plays a different video file reformatted from
recordings jonCates made while in residency at The Experimental
Television Center feeding the .co.kr iteration of net artist duo
JODI's %WRONG Browser piece through a video system developed by Nam
June Paik  Shuya Abe called the 'Wobbulator.'

Hypnotic and surreal jpgs, gifs and photographs created by British
artist Ant Scott encourage visceral viewing as objects, outputs and
side effects of Scott's transformations of computer dysfunctions
(crashes and viruses) into digital and tangible images.  Intuitively,
Scott manipulates computer data and employs painterly abstraction
onscreen; and through photo-paper transfers images off computer
screens onto physical gallery walls. This recent digital-to-analog
process makes a file format of paper.  In format.fetish, Scott
presents only digital renderings, permitting viewers to explore the
images between the pixels.

During the 48 hour opening reception, Gallery1F is joined by
net.dee.jay. Christian Rieben with a performance of his set,

this programme will run for 02 months, from 2006-03-10 -> 2006-05-10.

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