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<nettime-ann> [call] International Festival of Radical Communication
Oliver Vodeb on Tue, 21 Mar 2006 20:58:38 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] International Festival of Radical Communication



Memefest, the International Festival of Radical Communication- born in
Slovenia and rapidly reaching a critical mass worldwide- is proud to
announce its fifth annual competition.  Once again, Memefest is
encouraging students, professionals, writers, artists, designers,
thinkers, philosophers, and counter-culturalists to submit their work to
our panel of renowned judges.  This year, jury members will include
Richard Barbrook, esteemed author, research pioneer, radio vigilante, and
critic of neo-liberalism, along with radical designers and activists Sandy
Kaltenborn, Kernow Craig, Paul Shoebridge and Jason Grant, Clinical
Psychologist and "Bag news" blog author Dr. Michael Shaw and design critic
Kenneth Fitzgerald.

Students who work with the written word can respond to Richard Barbrook's
own article The High-Tech Gift Economy, which makes the ominous but
relevant claim that, because of the realities of market capitalism, the
utopia of an anarcho-communist gift economy on the internet is a deluding
fiction.  Artists and graphic designers can create static and interactive
works in response to The Declaration Towards a Global Ethic, a call to
"spiritual arms" and the creation of a collective consciousness.

Non-students, and those whose work doesn't fit in the box of conventional
communications, can enter the visionary Beyond? category, where the name
of the game is challenging mainstream practices and beliefs!  Absolutely
anything innovative, either written or visual, is acceptable, so long as
it challenges mainstream modes of communication. Check out some examples
and the winners from the 2005 and 2004 sites at http://beyond.memefest.org
Beyond? is open to non-students as well!

Memefest occurs almost completely online at www.memefest.org, and all
entries will be available for full access and commentary in the site
galleries.  In 2005, Memefest received almost 500 entries from
participants of every continent on the globe ('cept Antarctica).  We hope
to spread more of those socially beneficial infectious ideas, so keep
thinking- and producing.

Check out  our 2006 web site for more information:
Deadline for submissions is May 20th 2006.

Subvert, Create, Enjoy!
Patricia Laboca

Contact us: memefest at memefest dot org

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