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<nettime-ann> [ann] BLIT:SCREEN [invitation/announcement]
jake elliott on Wed, 22 Mar 2006 14:36:16 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] BLIT:SCREEN [invitation/announcement]


invite(*, BLIT:SCREEN) {

BLIT:SCREEN =3D=3D http://blitscreen.criticalartware.net

this is an open invitation to collectives, clans, classes, cabals,
crews + colleagues to contribute+participate+activate BLIT:SCREEN!

blit /blit/ vt. 1. [common] To copy a large array of bits from one
part of a computer's memory to another part, particularly when the
memory is being used to determine what is shown on a display screen.
-- jargon file, [http://catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/B/blit.html]

BLIT:SCREEN is a [webApp|system|artware] running on the
criticalartware platform.  localized groups (collectives, clans,
classes, cabals etc.) sign up, register a mailing address + media
playback capabilities + then receive media from randomized sources
throughout the WWWorld. once a month, the BLIT:SCREEN system sends
each group an email with the mailing address of another group to which
to mail media. as a result, every group who participates in this
physical exchange receives a DVD-R or CD-R or VHS or VinylRecord or
any other media type delivered in any other appropriate format from 01
other participating group every month. likewise every group sends 01
instance of BLIT:SCREEN out to 01 group (whom BLIT:SCREEN has
suggested), thereby creating a deeply distributed + dynamic 01 to 01

BLIT:SCREEN is both a distribution system + a distributed archive. in
this way the system is grid distribution + grid archiving. nothing is
prescribed about participating groups; a group might be a hacker
collective living in a squat, an experimental television station
[+/or] a professor collecting + distributing student work.  media
distributed through BLIT:SCREEN could include completed projects,
artworks, raw materials for production+remix, critical txts, unearthed
archives, shared cultural resources, &c&c. the BLIT:SCREEN system
assumes no prescriptions [+/or] standards as to what participants do
with the material they receive, however,=20
screening+discussion+archiving are encouraged. BLIT:SCREEN draws
connections from the hystories + technologies of bicycling physical
video tapes during the early video art moment,
{sneaker|floppy|walk}-nets + onLine {communication|development}
[channels/paths] in demoscenes + BBS culture as well as
{highlighting|suggesting} contemporary possibilities for the role of
decentralized distribution modalities + resource sharing.

BLIT:SCREEN runs on the criticalartware applat
([application/platform]). criticalartware develops new media discourse
by engaging early moments of {code|concept}-based experimental [media
art/artware], conversing with + interviewing those active in these
early moments ++ sharing cultural resources connecting these
conversations.  criticalartware as a crew of core.developers is also a
[user/participant] in the BLIT:SCREEN system. as such criticalartware
core.dvrs will send, receive + BLIT:SCREEN media. BLIT:SCREEN as a
project has been initiated by criticalartware core.dvr jake elliott +
{continues|extends} criticalartware's commitment to open exchanges +

register + BLIT -> http://blitscreen.criticalartware.net

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