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<nettime-ann> Three collaborative networked video works by Garrett Lynch
Garrett Lynch on Fri, 28 Apr 2006 17:06:36 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Three collaborative networked video works by Garrett Lynch and Frederique Santune

Collaboration for artists can be one of the most productive endevours. It produces work by the artists involved which would have unlikely been produced individually and also obliges the artists to make conceptual compromises they might not usually have to. It frees up the creative spirit as each artist realises at a point that they have to let go of their single vision to accommodate the thinking of the other. The OTHER is the crucial element in collaboration, it not alone designates the other artist but also implicates the unseen, inexperienced, unknowable, unthinkable and inconceivable of the former

Under this framework Garrett Lynch and Frederique Santune would like to announce the release of three networked performance video collaborations entitled:

C.a.r.n.e.t. . .d.a.b.o.r.d
Looping Portrait #1

Each work was performed live employing multiple digital video cameras networked and mixed through a camera security system.



Grimace is a studio based performance employing three digital video cameras networked to a multiple camera security system. The two faces displayed are a reconstruction of artist Garrett Lynch's face. Two camera video his eyes while the third camera videos his mouth. The live feed of each of the eyes are then used eight times with a set of four right eyes on the left of the screen and a set of four left eyes on the right of the screen. Two identical live feeds of the mouth are displayed below each set of eyes. The resulting composition is of two faces bearing a close resemblance yet differing slightly, reacting, grimacing, to some unseen event or in response to each other.


C.a.r.n.e.t. . .d.a.b.o.r.d

C’est l’histoire courte d'un passage: du pareil au même. Quand le doute devient errance, la voix se perd.


Looping Portrait #1

Looping Portrait #1 is an accidental portrait of artist Frederique Santune produced during setup of a studio based performance. It consists of two digital video cameras networked to a multiple camera security system which mix's them live to a single digital video deck. The cameras are off-sync with the security system resulting in distortion, regular loss of signal and a progressive scanning of the video from right to left. This effect combined with the figures movement create potential for an infinite and seamless video portrait.


gar & sf
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