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<nettime-ann> Cyberasia Part Three: Asian Cyberart
Floor van Spaendonck on Wed, 3 May 2006 21:01:47 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Cyberasia Part Three: Asian Cyberart


ASiA, IIAS and Waag Society organise Cyberasia Part Three:

Asian Cyberart - Technology, Memory and Place

*Wednesday May 10* 20.00 – 22.00 hrs *

Language: English

Location;  Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
livestream; http://connect.waag.org

* *

New media are changing the contemporary art world profoundly. Under forces of intense globalization, the internet is being transformed into a worldwide spectacle of utopian fantasies and lost memories. In our highly networked society, however, the longing for a place, for a sense of identity - ‘virtual’ or ‘real’ - remains. At the same time, rapid urbanization and the related destruction of nature, old buildings, and neighbourhoods put places under constant threat. Particularly in Asia. art and technology provide a virtual resort, where the self can have it's own space. This seminar explores the encounters of technology with contemporary Asian art, bringing together four pioneering artists whose works, often involving the use of new technologies, engage in old questions of memory, place and identity. They will present their works, and discuss the impact of new technologies on contemporary Asian art scenes.

* *

*The speakers are:*

*Mu Yuming* (1971) is an artist from Lijiang, a remote village in Yunnan, China. Mu defines his existence in the art world as a temporary one, as one step toward his great goal in life, that is, to become Farmer Mu: an average farmer. To reach this utopian and perhaps nostalgic goal, Mu makes extensive use of new technologies. See http://www.farmermu.cn/ and http://www.lijiangstudio.org/web/home/ index.jsp

* *

*Sookoon Ang* (1977) was born and raised in Singapore where she trained at the Nanyang Academy of fine Arts and the LaSalle/Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. She is also a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her works, including drawing, videos and installations, have been featured in exhibitions worldwide. Her goal is to dive into the depths of ordinary existence and uncover the multi-faceted, multi-layered, multiple universes beyond the simplistic planes of realism and delusion. She explores in her multidisciplinary works feelings of loss, memory and nostalgia. See http://www.sookoonang.com/

*Onno Dirker (Nono), *a Dutch artist, is part of “Atelier Veldwerk,” together with Rudy Luijters. His works are driven by a desire to grasp the changes in urban landscapes, and to see how these changes affect our sense of identity and memory. In Shanghai, he has tried to capture the radical changes taking place in the city, often involving the massive destruction of buildings and neighborhoods, wondering how such changes will alter our sense of the past and of ourselves. See

http://www.atelierveldwerk.nl <http://www.atelierveldwerk.nl/> and http://www.artlog.nl/pages/left/l_tube.html

*Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar* studied literary theory and Scandinavian languages and cultures at Groningen University, where he is now a staff member of the department of Arts, Culture and Media. His research deals with the autonomy of literature, concerning the way in which literature, the literary field and the public debate relate to each other. He lives and works in Amsterdam and Groningen and writes poetry under the name of Munan. His poetry deals with issues from different mystical and romantic traditions and seeks its influences and themes in the poetry of a variety of national and international currents, such as medieval Scandinavian poetry, Sufi love poetry and the Dutch romantics of the 1880's.

* *

*Cyberasia *is a* *series of three seminars that brings together Asian activists, academics and artists to reflect on contemporary political, religious and artistic uses of new technologies. Together, they showcase the current state of Internet affairs in Asia, opening up a unique meeting ground beyond the “Western” world. The previous seminars were held on March 29 on Asian Cyberpolitics and on April 18 on Asian Cyberfundamentalism.

For reservation: reserveren {AT} waag.org <mailto:reserveren {AT} waag.org>

For more information: Dr. Jeroen de Kloet (moderator) b.j.dekloet {AT} uva.nl <mailto:b.j.dekloet {AT} uva.nl>

Livestream: http://connect.waag.org <http://connect.waag.org/>

floor van spaendonck | waag society | nieuwmarkt 4 | 1012 cr amsterdam
p+31 20-5579898 | f+31 20 5579880| floor {AT} waag.org | www.waag.org

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