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<nettime-ann> [call] Next LABS deadline June 15th
seanc on Thu, 18 May 2006 18:54:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Next LABS deadline June 15th


> From: Bryony Dalefield <ldr {AT} uk2.net>
> Date: 13 May 2006 7:48:17 PM
> To: LDR {AT} smtp.nildram.co.uk, panel {AT} smtp.nildram.co.uk
> Subject: Next LABS deadline June 15th
>  ------------------------------------
>  Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS)
>  Next submission deadline: 15 June 2006
>  Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS), consisting of the English LABS 
> database and Spanish LABS database, is a comprehensive collection of 
> Ph.D., Masters and MFA thesis abstracts on topics in the emerging 
> intersection between art, science and technology. Individuals 
> receiving advanced degrees in the arts (visual, sound, performance, 
> text), computer sciences, the sciences and/or technology that in some 
> way investigate philosophical, historical or critical applications of 
> science or technology to the arts are invited to submit abstracts of 
> their theses for consideration.
>  The English LABS and Spanish LABS international peer review panels 
> review abstracts for inclusion in their respective databases. The 
> databases include only approved and filed thesis abstracts. Abstracts 
> of theses filed in prior years may also be submitted for inclusion.
>  In addition to publication in the databases, a selection of abstracts

> chosen by the panels for their special relevance will be published 
> quarterly in Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), and authors of 
> abstracts most highly ranked by the panel will also be invited to 
> submit an article for publication consideration in the journal 
> Leonardo.
>  Thesis Abstract submittal forms for English language abstracts can be

> found at http://leonardolabs.pomona.edu
>  Thesis Abstract submittal forms for Spanish language abstracts can be

> found at http://www.uoc.edu/artnodes/leonardolabs
>  For more information about LABS visit: 
> http://www.leonardo.info/isast/journal/calls/labsprojectcall.html
>  The LABS project is part of the Leonardo Educators and Students 
> program: http://leonardo.info/isast/educators.html

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