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<nettime-ann> FW: UNAUSTRALIA - the 2006 CSAA annual conference - Call for Papers

(Apologies for cross-posts...)

The Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Conference Dec 6-8 2006
Call for papers:
If things are 'un-Australian' it must be because they come from UNAUSTRALIA.
Where is it?
Who lives there?
How does it come to be?
What is its past and what is its future?
While raising some very local questions of critique and desire, the theme is
open to international perspectives and interpretations.
Do other places have their own unplaces? What goes on there?
The conference will feature both refereed and non-refereed papers, and a
curated exhibition of creative visual works. The University of Canberra
invites abstracts of up to 150 words for 20 minute papers. We welcome panel
submissions, and we also welcome abstracts from scholars whose work who
would not normally be considered within the ambit of Cultural Studies.
Creative visual works which can be presented online are also invited.
Closing date for submissions: June 30th, 2006 via the conference website

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