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Dallas Simpson Live Binaural Soundscape Mix + Text Mutation / Kenji Siratori
Japanese Spoken Texts.

Conceptual Japenese TExtword DNA infects Soundscape, Initiates infection,
EnviroARtist releases SonicAntibodies in response. Infection passes through
several generations with mutations. Infection becomes Latent, sonic Scarring

Reptilian=HUB modem that crashed to the paradise apparatus of the human body
pill cruel emulator that compressed the acidhumanix infectious disease of
the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM chemical=anthropoid=Dallas Simpson is
covered cardiac mass of flesh-module corpse feti=streaming {AT} ENVIRONMENTAL
INFECTION MUTATION feeling replicant living body junk of Dallas Simpson's
digital=vamp cold-blooded disease animals to the abolition world-codemaniacs
of the terror fear=cytoplasm that was send back out the technojunkies' era
respiration-byte to the super-genomewarable guerrilla****Dallas Simpson's
insanity medium of the hyperreal HIV=scanners to the hunting for the
grotesque WEB=joint terminal of the biocapturism nerve cells murder-gimmick
of a clone boy DNA=channel of the corpse city noise.


Kenji Siratori: a Japanese cyberpunk writer who is currently bombarding the
internet with wave upon wave of highly experimental, uncompromising,
progressive, intense prose. His is a writing style that not only breaks with
tradition, it severs all cords, and can only really be compared to the kind
of experimental writing techniques employed by the Surrealists, William
Burroughs and Antonin Artaud. Embracing the image mayhem of the digital age,
his relentless prose is nonsensical and extreme, avant-garde and confused,
with precedence given to twisted imagery, pace and experimentation over
linear narrative and character development. With unparalleled stylistic
terrorism, he unleashes his literary attack. An unprovoked assault on the
senses. Blood Electric (Creation Books) was acclaimed by David Bowie.


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