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<nettime-ann> Call For Entries! Deadline 15th June 2006.
Raju Sutar on Thu, 8 Jun 2006 17:25:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Call For Entries! Deadline 15th June 2006.


Call for Entries

After the major success of 'Young ART' 2005 and 'Project Calendar' 2006, artExperiments.com is presenting a series of five international curated exhibition

'Expressions in miniature size' is first to start from the series.

'Expressions in miniature size'
is an inaugural annual event, from the series of international curated exhibitions by artEperiments.com in association with Waves Art Gallery.


_expression_ can never be judged by the scale, but by its depth and intensity. Art in miniature size is like the Japanese 'Haiku' where the saturation is at optimum of ones _expression_, and is sometimes has a lasting impact.


We intend to call entries from the artists all over the world, and at least 20 entries will be selected by artist/curator Raju Sutar for a physical as well as online exhibition, along with a catalogue to be printed of the select exhibits.


In case of more selections the exhibition will be held in sequence like 'I & II'


Waves Art Gallery is located in Pune (INDIA), a city that is known to be the city of knowledge and culture.

Our endeavor is to bring out the best possible works of art, to understand the growth of the contemporary art.



Any artist from any country can participate, provided:




Note: Processing fees INR 100/- or $ 2.5 per application (up to three images)


Please submit your entries at
 online only!


Deadline 15th June 2006.


Raju Sutar


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