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<nettime-ann> IntelligentDesigner - Two June Exhibits
Jason Van Anden on Wed, 14 Jun 2006 17:41:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> IntelligentDesigner - Two June Exhibits

IntelligentDesigner* (ID) will be ready for general consumption this
Fall,  but you can check out its most recent iteration at two June
events.  If you are in Pittsburgh (PA, USA), it will be part of The
Urban Garden Party at the Mattress Factory this Friday, June 9th. If
you are in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY, USA) come out to MonkeyTown
next Friday, June 15th.

The Mattress Factory event will incorporate improvisational dance,
projection and  sound co-choreographed by Heather Mallak and Dave

At Monkeytown, ID will be aurally and visually woven into the
improvisational music of ChristianScienceMinotaur.  By way of a
bongo-height touch-screen kiosk,  audience members can alter the music
as it being played by live musicians.

Until the official launch this Fall, the best way to wrap you head
around this visual-musical paradigm is to go check it out for


Mattress Factory:

Dave Mansueto:

Heather Mallak:



Jason Van Anden:

* IntelligentDesigner is net software that enables pretty much anyone
to control things in an uncontrollable way. ID was originally invented
to enable improvisational behavior simulating human emotional
mechanics between his life-size emotive robots Neil and Iona. In its
current incarnation, ID can be used to easily create rich multilayered
living music from samples, with many more esoteric applications coming
down the pike.  Details will be found on Jason Van Anden's website,
smileproject.com, soon.

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