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<nettime-ann> diario/8 - art expo
oliverodomenico on Tue, 4 Jul 2006 19:32:24 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> diario/8 - art expo

I?m sending to your attention this press release with the request that you publish it. Thank you and best regards, Ornella Calvetti,

Title of the expo: Diario/8
Artists participating: Franco Ariaudo, Alberto Bergia, Gian Luca Bottini, Andrea Chiotti, Domenico Olivero, Luna Potenziere, Pinuccio Revello, Viola Virdis.
Place of expo: Maison des Artistes - Place du Château Haut de Cagnes - 06800 Cagnes
Opening: Saturday July 8th  2006 - h 6,30 pm
Timetable : Saturday July 8th  to Sunday  July 23rd 2006
Schedule: from the Wednesday to Monday - 3 -6 pm ; Sunday 10-12 am / 3-10 pm; Tuesday closed.
Entry is free.
For all contacts and information: Viola Virdis cell: (+39) 3200709461;  e-mail: arte.diario8 {AT} libero.it

Photo (jpg format) and catalog (pdf format) will be send about request.

A group of young Italian artists will exhibit their work in the attractive Maison des Artistes of Haut de Cagnes on the sunny French Riviera, between Nice and Cannes.

Staged by the Association Expression Libre of Cagnes, the show touches on the intimate and delicate theme of human life in the form of a diary.
Every artist makes a personal interpretation in an original way. They create unique and evocative art work reflecting on the flow the time.

We start with the delicate paintings of Andrea Chiotti which introduce her routine with the series of cups. After, we cross over to Pinuccio Revello?s area where you will find various materials assembled to exploit natural light. Alberto Bergia presents a personal work which creates a dialogue with the original installation, about the time, of Domenico Olivero. Gian Luca Bottini plays with different spheres and Franco Ariaudo creates a new map-painting. Viola Virdis and Luna Potenziere present different portraits of ordinary people.

The show is supported by a fine personal colour catalogue with text by Ornella Calvetti and a particular installation for every single artist.

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