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<nettime-ann> Urban Screens 2007 Curator Vacancy
Pieter Boeder on Fri, 7 Jul 2006 02:51:11 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Urban Screens 2007 Curator Vacancy

URBAN SCREENS 2007, a joint project of BBC Public Space Broadcasting,
Cornerhouse Manchester, MDDA, and the Institute of Network Cultures, is
seeking candidates for the


position for its 2007 conference. The post is available starting December
2006, and will be funded for one year on a freelance basis.

To be responsible for the delivery of the conference programme through
collaboration with a wide variety of artists, curators and organisations by
- Selecting presentations and art works;
- Creating a coherent 2-day conference programme;
- Coordinating a range of parallel exhibitions;
- Liaison with venues, partners, artists and institutions;
- Contributing to the documentation of the conference;
- Contributing to the communication and marketing plans for the conference;
- Ensuring access issues and Health and Safety are considered as part of the
programme planning process;
- Working within budgets agreed by the Board of Urban Screens Projects Ltd.

The Board of Urban Screens Projects Ltd.

- Extensive working experience as a curator and/or researcher;
- Excellent communication & writing skills;
- Extensive professional knowledge of (audio)visual arts;
- Extensive professional knowledge of the fields of new media & urban
- Fluency in English & preferably one other language.

URBAN SCREENS are interactive, dynamic digital information displays in urban
environments. Forms and appearances range from LED billboards, plasma or SED
screens, information displays in public transportation systems and
electronic city information terminals to dynamic, intelligent surfaces that
may be fully integrated into architectural façade structures. Their
introduction in the urban environment poses new, unparalleled challenges and

URBAN SCREENS 2005 was the first international conference of its kind.
Presentations covered a broad spectrum of topics and issues, ranging from
critical theory to project experiences by researchers and practitioners in
the field of art, architecture, urban studies and digital culture.

URBAN SCREENS 2007 (Manchester, October 2007) will elaborate on this
discussion, focusing on the potential of content: issues surrounding the
production and display of media content for Urban Screens, as well as
adaptive reuse of 'old' content for new media will be explored in detail.
Topics will include the potential of public screens for interaction, Public
Space Broadcasting (PSB), the politics of public space, mediated interaction
and participation, and new participatory formats.
More information: http://www.networkcultures.org/urbanscreens/ and

This is a freelance contract, the successful candidate will responsible for
payment of his or her own taxes. Payment will be made in four instalments
against pre-agreed milestones. Fee £10,000 plus reasonable expenses. The
contract will be made under UK law.

To apply, please send a letter of application outlining how you meet the key
competencies and have the relevant experience together with a current CV to:

Attn. Dave Moutrey, Director
70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH
United Kingdom
Dave.Moutrey {AT} cornerhouse.org

Deadline for applications is July 21, 2006.

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