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<nettime-ann> Intimate Spaces - performance art exhibition at Schwules Museum Berlin - Aug 2 -Sep 18

Intimate Spaces performance art exhibition at the
Schwules Museum Berlin 
Aug. 2nd - Sep. 18th 2006

The Schwules Museum Berlin presents the performance
art exhibition Intimate Spaces. Guest curated by the
artist collective postspace, this exhibition invites
international performance artists to create week-long,
live, interactive performances during the museum?s
opening hours. 

Intimate Spaces is situated inside the small Kabinett
room within the main exhibition space, where the
exhibition Paradises is concurrently on display. In
seven weekly rotations and three special events during
the Lange Nacht der Museen on August 26th, the
participating artists will create new site-specific
environments and invite the museum visitors to become
part of the performances that they develop within this
intimate space.

The museum visitors are encouraged to participate by
entering the room and interacting with the artists,
thus taking part in the creative process that leads to
the realization of the artwork. The intimacy and
success of these performance works rely on the input
and involvement of the museum visitor, who has the
possibility to take on new roles and meanings, and to
allow a variety of new relationships, connections, and
meanings to emerge. Through these processes, the
traditional concepts of the museum visitor and the
ritual of museum-going are transformed and brought
into question.

The exhibition Intimate Spaces presents varying
perspectives of present-day identity politics, and
will be a contemporary and performative complement to
the historical and artistically classical material on
display at the Schwules Museum.

The participating artists:

August 2nd - 7th Gil and Moti are a duo of
interdisciplinary artists who live and work together
since 1994. In order to construct a new identity, they
moved out of Israel to live and work in Holland in
1998. A year later Gil and Moti publicized their life
by choosing to make their home into a gallery space.
Their motivation derives from the need to be close to
the public and also out of interest in the limits of
privacy and its socio-political contexts.

August 9th - 14th Sabina Jacobsson is an Oslo based
artist working with video, objects, installations, and
performances. She is interested in notions of
narrativity, the reliable/un-reliable narrator,
leading and misleading the viewer, and uses simple
situations where the title extends the meaning of the
work, or a narrative context to give the work several
layers. The use of humor and irony is a pivotal agent
in her work and reinforces social and political
issues. http://www.kunst.no/sabina

August 16th - 21st Wrench & Franks are Writers and
Performers from London, who work with video, puppetry
and animation. They use environmental staging with
video to mix live action with animated forms and
artificial settings. They are interested in the way
entertainment co-opts scientific and historical fact,
the tradition of the sideshow booth and the shop

August 23rd - 28th, and August 26th, Lange Nacht der
Museen, 8 -10 pm Ane Lan is a Norwegian artist, whose
videos and performances address the complex
inter-relationship between media, the body, the viewer
and society itself with its preconceptions and its
judgments. The characters he produces present
themselves as both private and public, both fiction
and reality. It is as if his artistic sincerity is too
overwhelming and ultimately draws a blind between us
and his stage. http://www.anelan.com

August 26th, Lange Nacht der Museen, 10 pm -12 am
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy & Sylbee Kim are artists from the
United States and South Korea who are collaborating in
Berlin by developing videos that are presented
alongside choreographed responses, and implement large
sculptures, props and costumes. In their on going
investigations in time-based media, the interaction
between prerecorded footage and live action is an
exciting development for these two fresh performers.
August 26th, Lange Nacht der Museen, 12 -2 am Arthür
is a French performance artist currently living in
Berlin. She has studied and developed various circus
and dance techniques, theater and interventions. In
her work she explores the subversion of gender and
sexuality through minimalistic and/or campy

August 30th - September 4th Boskovic & Stankovic are a
Berlin and Belgrade based artist duo that create
videos, installations and performances that deal with
their reactions to the provocations of everyday life
by creating fictive spaces ? campy environments
constructed through narratives ? in which the
happening attempts to invert the focuses of social
relations through means of humor. 

September 6th - 11th Oreet Ashery is a London based
artist. Her interdisciplinary practice encourages a
dialogue between live art, interventions, video,
sound, photography and text. The work is site specific
and mutates according to the location and event;
galleries, live art, film festivals, site specific
locations, the streets, clubs and domestic settings.

September 13th - 18th Andrew Kerton is living and
working in London. He creates increasingly layered
performances which explore the possibility of shifting
time, place and action when live or recorded
performance activates with, or in, temporal media. In
his work, Andrew examines myth within the context of
theatre, whilst raising an eye-brow at restrictive
social conditioning, multi-cultural unease and his own
vaudevillian tendencies.

Further information available at

Intimate Spaces is supported by: Dutch Embassy in
Berlin, Swedish Embasy in Berlin, Office for
Contemporary Art Norway, Norske Billedkunstnere,
Norwegian Arts Council, postspace and Schwules Museum

The Schwule Museum (Gay Museum) Berlin comprises two
floors of exhibition space, an archive and library. As
all aspects of gay life deserve our attention, we
collect and preserve a wide range of documents and
objects providing an insight into past and current
living conditions of homosexuals. All material is
professionally catalogued and stored; by and large it
is accessible to the general public as well as for
scientific research. Our institution is unique for the
extent of material gathered here in combination with
regularly changing displays. Our main aim is to show
the wide variety of homosexual life styles so as to
counteract clichés and prejudices. The acceptance of
difference is best achieved through direct human
contact which is why we put great emphasis on private
testimonies. Biographical exhibitions about both known
and previously unknown groups or individuals are
therefore a regular feature. Anyone interested is
cordially invited to get acquainted with our work and
to contribute to its continuation.

postspace is an artist collective that was formed at
the end of 2005 by Berlin-based artists Tsvika Solan
and Andreas Warisz. Postspace operates without a
gallery of its own to organize performance events,
film, and video screenings that take place at various

Contact: postspace {AT} googlemail.com or at the Schwules
Museum Exhibitions Office: +49 (030) 69 59 90 50

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