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<nettime-ann> Creative Commons Salon SF + Wed July 12, 6-9 PM {AT} Shinesf.
Jon Phillips on Sun, 16 Jul 2006 04:05:48 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Creative Commons Salon SF + Wed July 12, 6-9 PM {AT} Shinesf.com 1337 Mission

Creative Commons Salon SF + Wed July 12, 6-9 PM  {AT}  Shinesf.com 1337 Mission
Please join us for CC Salon tomorrow night from 6-9pm at Shine in San  
Francisco (1337 Mission Street between 9th and 10th Streets).

This month's line-up:


Jeff Hammerbacher and Chris Hughes from Facebook, the largest social  
networking site on college campuses, will present an overview of the  
project and their experience with CC and copyright.


Derek Slater and Jason Schultz from the Electronic Frontier  
Foundation will the new animation "The Corruptibles" and will discuss  
current happenings with copyright in Congress.


Max Schorr of GOOD Magazine will discuss the the publication's  
launch, its innovative subscription strategy (where 100% of GOOD's  
charter subscription revenue will be given to organizations whose  
missions are in line with the publication's.) DON'T FORGET: GOOD  
Magazine is hosting a party at 111 Minna on Friday night: http:// 

We're also going to try something new and will be featuring  
"OpenSalon" -- an open mic where the community is invited to give  
short (five minutes or less) presentations. Please post a comment on  
this event listing page if you are interested in this chance to demo  
your new project, play your new remix, get feedback from the  
community, or shamelessly plug your upcoming event (if it relates to  
CC, of course!).

CC Salon San Francisco
Wednesday, July 12 6-9 PM
Shine (http://shinesf.com/)
1337 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th)
San Francisco
Track this at Upcoming.org -- http://upcoming.org/event/85776

See ya there!

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