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<nettime-ann> PONY TV Extended Network Festival: Final Screening- Call f
PONY TV on Sun, 30 Jul 2006 01:35:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> PONY TV Extended Network Festival: Final Screening- Call for submissions


Greetings from PONY land!

Ok. We've taken a bit of time off since Cinemasports, we are now refreshed and caught up on sleep, and ready to recommence with the PONY scheduling.

So... installment number 3 of the Extended Network festival is pushed back until late September/ early October. Neither the date nor venue has been confirmed yet- we are working on a very tasty collaboration however, and the final screening for the festival will share the evening with some exciting musical acts! This is perfect as the final screening consists of silent film and video (made by artists you probably know, or perhaps, by yourself) accompanied by live musicians who will compose a score for the screening.

The call is out now for submissions of silent works. If you are interested in submitting works please contact me or send me your info/work or proposal for work and CV either by email ponytv {AT} gmail.com or by post:


813 Mont Royal E.

Montreal QC H2J 1W8

The works must be submitted on mini DV, be 15 minutes in length or under, silent and completed within the last two years. Content matter is open. For more information email or see the website: http://theupgrade.i-space.org/csmontreal.html

Deadline for submissions is now September 15

Keep in mind when selecting or creating your piece that the musicians will pre-screen the works to compose the score. And please forward this call on to anyone you know who may be interested or have something to submit.

Also- PONY TV will host the second edition of Cinemasports Montreal on August 26th, so all of you that missed your chance to compete last time, or want to compete again have another chance. We will re-screen the films made for the July Cinemasports so everyone will have a chance to see those as well. I will be sending out reminders two weeks before the event with the address of the screening location. This event is in concurrence with the Lake Tahoe Cinemasports so anyone that wants to compete here in Montreal must register as a remote participant on the Cinemasports website: www.cinemasports.com

You can always email if you have any further questions or want more information.

And last but not least I am forwarding on to you a bit of info about a very cool happening in Montreal- Video Party. So for all you video artists looking for ways to get your work exposed you can check this out.

That's it. Stay cool and have fun- See you at the next event!



***If this event does not apply to you, please send this e-mail to those you think may be interested.  Thanks.***



People spend a lot of time (and possibly a lot of money) on making their video work.  Why not do the work to make sure people see it?


VIDEO PARTY is an opportunity to show your work and meet other video artists in a creative and unpretentious atmosphere at a venue in Montreal.


Organizer Josh Usheroff has a unique approach to curating.  Instead of mounting an exhibit based on a predetermined idea, he is collecting a library of video pieces and only organizing a show when he feels he has enough related work to be presented in an intelligently thoughtful and engaging way.  In other words, he is building shows based on the work you are already doing instead of forcing artists to fit their work under a banner that may not be appropriate.


To do this, he needs to collect copies of you video project(s) on a mini-DV tape, and he has recruited me to help facilitate this.  Simply reply to this e-mail and we will figure out how to get a copy of your video to Josh (i.e. if you live in Montreal I can come by your place to pick up your tape).


This opportunity has fallen into your lap.  Take advantage of it.


Talk to you soon,


Eric Wood


submissions {AT} videoparty.info

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