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<nettime-ann> [It's LIQUID News] Temporary Cities - Moscow, Russia
It's LIQUID on Mon, 25 Sep 2006 16:33:59 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [It's LIQUID News] Temporary Cities - Moscow, Russia

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It's LIQUID News
Temporary Cities - Moscow, Russia
Temporary Cities
Moscow, Russia
Dates: September 22 - November 30, 2006
Directors: Luca Curci, Karina Karaeva
Location: National Center for Contemporary arts, Moscow
Video-Cinema . director Karina Karaeva
This programme focuses on the popularisation of contemporary intellectual cinema and video art. The intention of the programme is to give a free-form interpretation of universal problems of culture in a visual context. This programme consists of screenings of the most famous and radical film productions and videos, presentations of actual cinema projects, working materials, authors? comments and examples of experimental cinematography.
Temporary.Cities . director Luca Curci
A new event organized by International ArtExpo Group is another occasion for the public to share with international artists the major questions of the avant-garde thinking\art. This festival is a multimedia story on TEMPORARY CITIES with temporary workers&lovers with temporary identities&dreams.
The possible emergence of the temporary cities in the future will be based on the aesthetics of speed&nomadism, flexibility&reconfigurability. The trans-architecture of such amazing cities is an intimate fusion of space with light, sound, colours and virtual reality, focused on conceptualism, minimalism, happening, irony&urban phantasy. Such a ''Citta Intermedia'' becomes a net where people are free to express their temporary trans-culture, creativity&identity, a place where even time is a creativity matrix. But the loss of the center, horizon, natural, normal, even human, will contribute to a diminution of the role of the ego&history. A culture dominated by temporary cities will be a post-historical and post-literary culture. (Constantin Severin)
Gregory Steel . USA | Fabiolla Duarte . Brazil | Rafael Roa . Spain | Patricia Ward . Germany | Luca Curci & Fabiana Roscioli . Italy | Maria Barbara Scarcia . Italy | Ruth Schreiber . Israel | Gerlinde Miesenboeck . Austria | Magda Matwiejew . Australia | Dimitris Douramakos . Greece | Gaia Alice Intaglietta . Italy | MACRO . Italy | James Morgan . USA | Etta Säfve . The Netherlands | Stefan Szczelkun . UK | Heesoo Kim . Canada | Dorota Zglobicka . Poland | Marie Losier . USA | Anja Mohn . USA | Patrick Rimond . France | Maya Zignone . Italy | Samantha Donnelly . UK | Hubert Dobler . Austria | Sarah Tremlett . UK | Nancy Atakan & Ipek Duben . Turkey | Catherine MacGregor . UK | Donna L. Clovis . USA | Guido.LU' . Belgium | Lisa Yachia . Italy | Blue MacAskill . UK | Ian Nesbitt . UK | Jean-François Boclé . France | Miro Soares . Brazil | Vasco Otero . Portugal | Pierre Daudelin . Canada | Mitra Memarzia . UK | Carmen Cardillo . Italy | Matthew Verdon . UK | Sayaka Shimada . Japan | Luis Berríos Negrón . Puerto Rico | Mauricio Mayorga . Colombia | Tim Folland . USA | Hellaimorth Clément Zerbola . France | Kevin Evensen . USA | Colette Copeland . USA | Daniel Bejar . USA | Stelios Dexis & Myrto Vounatsou . Greece | Nina Maria Kleivan . Norway | Bradly Dever Treadaway . Italy | Clara Arezzo / Olivia Longo / Romina Pistone . Italy | Joanna Hoffmann . Poland | Ge-Suk Yeo . Germany | Massimo Franchi . Italy | Paul Bower . UK | Tom Estlack . USA | Flavio Sciole' . Italy | Analeine Cal y Mayor . Mexico | Yvonne Buchanan . USA | David Rossmann . Italy | Bottazzi Guillaume . France | Ricardo Rivera . USA | Pui Lee . UK | Andrea Abbatangelo . Italy | Jasna Hribernik & Zmago Lenardic . Ljubljana | Francesca Penzani . USA | Joe Ives . USA | Sigurdur Gudjonsson . Iceland | Jason Waite . USA | Louie Palu . Canada | Pascal Borghino . France | Joe Duffy . UK | Jason Mena . Puerto Rico | Anita Allyn . USA | Renata Kudlacek . UK | Gianluca Bianchino . USA | Lucia Flego . Italy
Supported by:
Ministry of Culture and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography
National Center for Contemporary arts

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