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eipcp on Thu, 5 Oct 2006 21:40:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Translation: The Mother Tongue of a Future Society? | translate lecture, 12. October 2006, Paris


Translation: The Mother Tongue of a Future Society?
Boris Buden, eipcp

12 October 2006, 18.30
Maison de l'Europe
35, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75004 Paris

There are not many concepts within cultural theory today, which could claim as much importance as the concept of "cultural translation". A great deal of its popularity is actually based upon the belief that cultural translation could help us to pacify dangerous cultural conflicts or even prevent threatening wars of cultures. In fact, it tackles the phenomenon of cultural hybridization and thus opens the perspective of a new trans-national culture, which transcends the multiculturalist vision of the world as a cluster of different cultural identities. The problem is, however, that this vision doesn't allow for a new type of trans-national political subject. It reduces the utopian potentiality of translation to a mere cultural horizon.
The crucial question is, therefore, whether we can make use of an idea of translation, which doesn't simply take place between "different cultures", nor in a "third space" of their cultural hybridization, but beyond the very boundary between cultural and social. More concretely, the question is, whether the idea of translation can provide a ground for a new type of social and political subjectification, which transcends the model of representative democracy still exclusively confined to the political framework of nation-state.
An answer to this question, as we believe, should be searched for in connection with theories of the multitude, i.e. of new forms of social subjectification, which occur under the paradigm of post-fordist modes of production. It can help us to finally break the deadlock of culturalization/depoliticization, to which the concept of cultural translation has hitherto been doomed.

(in co-operation with Collège international de philosophie)

The lecture takes place in the framework of the eipcp-workshop
Polture and Culitics. On political prospects of cultural translation
Paris, 12-14 October 2006

Speakers: Mogniss Abdallah, Paris (t.b.c.); Kien Nghi Ha, Berlin; Rada Ivekovic, Stockholm; Suzanna Milevska, Skopje; Yann Moulier Boutang, Paris; Anne Querrien, Paris; Simon Sheikh, Copenhagen; Françoise Vergès; Moderation: Hito Steyerl, Berlin; Stefan Nowotny, Vienna
(in partnership with Transeuropéennes and in cooperation with Maison de l'Europe, Paris)


The texts resulting from the workshop will be available online as of 11/12 2006.

translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation

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