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<nettime-ann> CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival
Tatiana Bazzichelli on Wed, 11 Oct 2006 00:19:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival

CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival
14-22 october 2006, Berlin, Germany

[Registration closes Tuesday 13 october!]

The CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival is an independent
pornography competition. It is a three day marathon in which
participants are invited to realize a short film in the city of Berlin.

The short-movies must be completely shot in Berlin after the opening
party. This is the D.I.Y game!

CUM2CUT is open to queer, homo, hetero, lesbo and transsexual
independent video- and filmmakers, pornographers, performers,
screenwriters, directors, queer cultural activists and artists, free
thinkers, excited minds and all the people that like to mix technology
and bodies.

If you want to participate to the CUM2CUT Festival, please send an email
to: info {AT} cum2cut.net
Registration closes Tuesday 13 october.

Enjoy the pleasure of sharing pornography all over the city!
Your film will be shown at the PornFilmFestival Berlin.


Programme 14-22 october 2006, Berlin

Opening party: 14.10. 19.00h
Schwuz, Mehringdamm 61.

Shooting Videos: 15.10.
Grosse Freiheit 114, Boxhagener str. 114
AHA, Mehringdamm 61.

Porn Giving Day, 16.10. from 20.00h
Barbie Deinhoff, Schlesischestr. 16

Short Movies Screening, 21.10. from 20.00h
Kant Kino 2, Kantstr. 54

Jury: Ela Troyano and Tessa Hughes Freeland, N.Y./USA | Katrien Jacobs,
Hong Kong/China | Girlswholikeporno, Barcelona/Spain | Betty/Sexyshock,
Bologna/Italy |Sebsatian Luetgert, Berlin/Germany | Pier Mario Simula,

Short Movies Awards, 22.10 from 20.00h
Award Ceremony
Kant Kino 1, Kantstr. 54

Final Prom, 22.10 from 22.00h
indie pr0n party
Festsaal Kreuzberg, Skalitzerstr. 130, Kreuzberg.

Performance Team Plastique, Australia and Mitsu Salmon.
Dj Ipek (+ Belly Dance), Berlin; Dj Bürger P, Berlin, Dj Tina
Pornflakes, Italy, Dj Ria Stern, Berlin, and many others!
Vjs sets by Mizz Pravda, erotic pictures, etc.


Registration: info {AT} cum2cut.net


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