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<nettime-ann> Call: ICEBOX 02 Audio/Visual Art Festival, February/March
Hein Bekker on Wed, 11 Oct 2006 00:24:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Call: ICEBOX 02 Audio/Visual Art Festival, February/March 2007


ICEBOX is a collaborative festival of contemporary creativity in
audio/visual art. With the focus on the electronic, open and South
African, the festival combines music, film, video and interactive media
through a programme of screenings, multimedia performances, club nights,
workshops and an online exhibition.

Liquid Fridge, partnered by MTKidu and rustpunk, presents ICEBOX 02 in
February/March 2007 in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa.
The festival is calling for the participation of established and
emerging South African and international artists and professionals
working in a broad range of disciplines including electronic music,
sound art, digital film, animation, photography, video art, graphic
design, interactive and generative media, Net art, video game art and

Web: www.liquidfridge.co.za/icebox


ICEBOX is open for submissions of short-form narratives, documentaries,
music videos, experimental motion graphics and recorded visual
performances. Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_screen for
further information and the entry form.

Online Exhibition

Interactive media, generative art, Net art and other forms using
Director, Flash or Java software, as well as digital photography,
illustration and graphic design work, may be entered for the online
exhibition and a live presentation at ICEBOX. Visit
www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_web for further information and the
entry form.

Club Nights

The ICEBOX sound system promises a selection of DJ'd and live
retro-tech-future-funk rather difficult to define. Overlay a hearty
serving of videoboxing and performing pixels, and you have an eclectic
evening where the notions of "underground" and "overground" are
irrelevant. We are looking for DJ sets, band and electroacoustic
performances, VJ/video performances, and various styles in between.
Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_events to learn more.


To facilitate exchange between the traditional creative practices and
electronic subcultures, ICEBOX invites presentations, performances,
demonstrations, discussion panels and hands-on experiments in all
disciplines. Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_events to learn more.

-- Liquid Fridge :o: Creative Swapmeet +27 (0)82 508 2922 | hein {AT} liquidfridge.co.za | http://liquidfridge.co.za

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