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<nettime-ann> Upgrade! Vancouver//with Matt Rogalsky
Kate Armstrong on Fri, 13 Oct 2006 23:28:44 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Upgrade! Vancouver//with Matt Rogalsky

Title: Upgrade! Vancouver//with Matt Rogalsky
Hi Everybody

Just a quick note off the top to say a massive
Thank You to everyone who participated in ArtCamp on September 21, 2006. It was a really amazing event which far surpassed expectations in terms of attendence, the brilliance of projects and talks that y’all came up with, and with the flabbergasting smoothness of logistics on the day.  Yay principles of self-organization! I was really happy with the whole thing and I hope that you were too. I am writing up a report about the event which I will circulate soon.

In the meantime you can see (and add) pictures at NowPublic: http://www.nowpublic.com/artcamp_is_here  and also at a newly established Flickr group for ArtCamp: http://www.flickr.com/groups/86885591 {AT} N00/pool/ . There is talk about another one next year...stay tuned!

*Next up for Upgrade! Vancouver is a talk by Matt Rogalsky on Wednesday, October 18 at 8pm.
Matt Rogalsky's work as a media artist often focuses on exploration of abject, invisible/inaudible, or ignored streams of information. Since 1985 his performances and installations have been seen and heard across North America and Europe. Most recently he presented the installation When he was in high school in Texas, Eric Ryan Mims used a similar arrangement to detect underground nuclear tests in Nevada, in a solo show at the Agnes Etherington Art Center in Kingston Ontario, and a new multi-channel sound work Memory Like Water, in a solo show on Hornby Island BC, presented by the GroundWater Foundation. A double CD documenting the past ten years of live performances, also entitled Memory Like Water, was released in July 2006 on XI Records.

At Upgrade, Rogalsky will discuss his installation Ellipsis (2001), on view at the Western Front, in which software "listens" to a single talk radio input. In the exhibition space we hear only the gaps between the words-the "silences"-as they occur in realtime, but amplified to a louder than normal listening level. A time counter projected on the wall shows the hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds of accumulated "silence", inexorably advancing with each fragment. This piece is one of several exploring aspects of "silence" in the media and in musical performance. It has previously been shown at Diapason (New York City, USA), Sleeper (Edinburgh, Scotland), the Slade Gallery (London, England), SoundPlay Festival 2004(Toronto), as part of the Digital Poetics and Politics symposium at Queen's University in 2004 (Kingston, Canada) and in the exhibition Disquiet curated by Christof Migone in 2005 for Modern Fuel Gallery (Kingston, Canada).

Upgrade! Vancouver ( http://www.katearmstrong.com/upgrade/vancouver/) is curated by Kate Armstrong.  It is one of 22 nodes currently active in Upgrade! International (http://theupgrade.net), an emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. If you would like to present your work or get involved, please email kate {AT} katearmstrong.com.

When: Wednesday, October 18 at 8pm
Where: Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada
FREE! Everyone welcome.
URL: http://www.katearmstrong.com/upgrade/vancouver/
On NowPublic: http://www.nowpublic.com/matt_rogalsky_at_upgrade_vancouver_on_october_18_2006
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