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<nettime-ann> The Fibreculture Journal - Call for Papers - Models, Metam
Andrew Murphie on Tue, 24 Oct 2006 04:08:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> The Fibreculture Journal - Call for Papers - Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media

CFP - Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media - The Fibreculture Journal 

(please circulate – apologies for cross-posting) 

Fibreculture Journal http://journal.fibreculture.org  

Call for papers - Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media (2007) 

:: fibreculture :: has established itself as Australasia's leading forum for discussion of internet theory, culture, and research. The Fibreculture Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the issues and ideas of concern and interest to both the Fibreculture network and wider social formations. 

Papers are invited for the 'Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media' issue of the Fibreculture Journal, to be published in late 2007. This issue will be edited by guest editor Gary Genosko and Andrew Murphie. 

There are guidelines for the format and submission of contributions at http://journal.fibreculture.org 

These guidelines need to be followed in all cases.  


Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media 

This issue of the Fibreculture Journal pays close attention to the roles that models play in contemporary media, the adequacy of these models to new media cultures,  and the state of methods and disciplines based upon various models.  

The issue departs from Félix Guattari's suggestion that new, transdisciplinary metamethodologies are needed in order to upset existing formations of power and knowledge. It seeks discussions of modelling operations involved in contemporary media practices and cultures, and of the invention of new models in a transdisciplinary context. It also seeks critical evaluations of the current mix of models at work (and play) within new media cultures. Submissions could engage specifically with media models, but also with other models (such as models of thought or communication) insofar as they engage with - or are challenged by - contemporary media ecologies. 

Possible areas of discussion might include: 

* Politics of new media and related models
* Pragmatic effects of models within contemporary new media practices
* Presence and mix of media models in general culture
* Relations between old and new media, old and new media models
* Persistence of older models in new media contexts; resistance to or take-up of new models
* New models and metamodels, their origins and effects
* The process of modelling; the invention of models
* Adequacy of common models to new media contexts
* Metamodels and metamethodology
* New Media Modelling as crucial to contemporary politics and culture 

Please send abstracts or enquiries to Guest Editor Gary Genosko <gary.genosko {AT} lakeheadu.ca>, or to regular Editor Andrew Murphie <a.murphie {AT} unsw.edu.au> with "FibreModels" as the subject header. 

Abstracts and proposals should no be no longer than 500 words. 

Abstracts due: February 27, 2007
Final work due: May 30, 2007

"I thought I had reached port; but I seemed to be cast
back again into the open sea" (Deleuze and Guattari, after Leibniz)

Dr Andrew Murphie - Senior Lecturer
School of Media, Film and Theatre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2052
fax:612 93856812 tlf:612 93855548 email: a.murphie {AT} unsw.edu.au
room 311H, Webster Building
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