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<nettime-ann> FAVSC \\ 'Ghost Eyes' HK video at FootscrayArts //


            eyes and ears together


__ 31 october [tuesday]  __ 6pm start ___
__ basement theatre ___
__ Footscray Arts ___
__ 45 Moreland St. Footscray __
__ Melways map ref. 42 D6
__ no entry fee ___
__ refreshments provided __


“Ghost Eyes (Yam Yeung Ngaan):
Strange Visions from Hong Kong and Beyond”

FAV-SC is proud to present it's first international event -
a premiere screening of Hong Kong video and animation

Curated by Samantha Culp, FUSE Artist-in-Residence
at Videotage, Hong Kong, October 2006
With additional support from Hong Kong IFVA (the
Independent Film and Video Festival), the Hong
Kong Art Center, and the School of Creative Media,
City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong doesn’t really have Halloween (okay, as
of late it does have expat bankers getting even
more drunk and obnoxious than usual on that
particular night, their Armani suits topped off
with a cheap pair of devil horns). Hong Kong does,
however, have more tales and traditions of ghosts,
demons, and the uncanny than you can shake a stick
at. For instance, the concept of “ghost eyes”—the
actual physiological difference in the eyeballs of
those who can see ghosts or supernatural things.
Since most of us are not blessed (or cursed) with
“ghost eyes”, here is a substitute pair for you to
try on. Mostly from Hong Kong (with a few from
fellow superstitious nation Taiwan, and other
international locales thrown in for colonial good
measure), this selection of videos explore themes
of horror, fear, and the grotesque in unique and
surprising ways. Some are narratives that reveal
ghosts or hidden evils, while others are more
experimental works that play with darkness and the
grotesque (sometimes in combination with comedy).
This Halloween, enjoy a little (trick-or) treat
from HK, and peer through the lens of “ghost eyes”
for a short while.



The Guest (Trailer)
Joseph KWAN Zhi Yue (Hong Kong, 2006), 1:30 min.
English text, no subtitles
Remixing HK’s cinematic obsession with long black hair and jump cuts, university student Joe Kwan gives us a sneak peek into a future project (and explores the nature of horror trailers themselves).
Canned Despair
HUNG Chi Wing (Hong Kong, 2004), 3 min.
No dialogue
Uncanny fish, tiny figures, and a strangeness both sad and disturbing.
A Man Touching Hand/A Man and a Carrot
Erkka NISSINEN, w/Valter KOKOT and Fabian DORCH (Finland/Hong Kong, 2001), 4 min.
No dialogue
Face to face (or hand-to-hand, or mouth-to-finger) with the unknown.
Eric SIU Chi Man (Hong Kong, 2002), 3:30 min.
No dialogue
Bodily horror turned bright and airy. Not for the squeamish.
Murder a Face
MA Chun Fu (Taiwan, 2005), 3 min.
No dialogue
“The process of duplication and self-destruction.”
Polar Bear Split (A Handmade Musical)
Martin SKAUEN (Norway, 2006), 6 min.
No dialogue
A 6-meter long drawing becomes the map for an unsettling video expedition into youth culture, sex, fanaticism, and the heart of New World darkness.
Wanda CHOI Wai Chi (Hong Kong, 2002), 7 min.
No dialogue
Another unusual operation, and the best use of screeching strings since “Meshes of the Afternoon”
The Black Death
Tyler COBURN (USA, 2006), 3 min.
No dialogue
“An ossifying exposé of the very distant past, which attempts to locate the moment when human horror, receding as it does across history's sliding plane, intersects with comedy.”
CHOW Tsz-Kwan (Hong Kong, 2006), 12 min.
Cantonese w/English and Chinese Subtitles
Late at night, a workaholic librarian encounters a strange book…  
Garden of Delights
Joe HSIEH (Taiwan, 2004), 3:30 min.
No dialogue
Colored pencil animations of Chinese mythology and the erotic uncanny
Urn Urn
Jervis SUEN (Hong Kong, 2005), 6 min.
Cantonese w/English Subtitles
A group of raunchy old barbers get a surprise delivery.

READ ME: information
FAVSC is a fortnightly meeting place for
media artists, noise makers, electronics boffins,
installation artists, circuit benders, DIYers,
video geeks, laptop musicians, curators and those
with an interest in low/hi-fi new/old-media art.

TRAVEL: how to get to FCAC
take Williamstown/Werribee/Sydenham
train from city,
get off at Footscray station,
turn away from the shopping centre on your right,
go left over the rail bridge,
go down Bunbury street until you hit
Moreland street,
walk left - you can't miss it -
look for the shipping container

limited on-site parking available

FAVSC is produced by Emile Zile
and co-curated by Martyn Coutts,
Artists-In-Residence at Footscray Arts


(((o _ please FWD this on to those who are interested _ o)))


           free public talk series


Emile ZILE
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