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<nettime-ann> V2_ presents Jochem Paap's (Speedy J) DVD Umfeld
V2_ on Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:50:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> V2_ presents Jochem Paap's (Speedy J) DVD Umfeld


*V2_ presents Jochem Paap's (Speedy J) 5.1. Dolby Surround Sound System DVD: UMFELD
tijdens R.E.M.F. (Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival) *

The DVD entitled Umfeld, to be released in February 2007, is a collaboration between Dutch musician Jochem Paap (Speedy J) and American artist Scott Pagano. V2_ is honored to present his forthcoming 5.1. Dolby Surround Sound System DVD and will host it on its website. During the REMF-weekend Jochem Paap and filmmaker Scott Pagano will introduce the DVD at V2_. The documentary: making of /Umfeld/ will be shown. The evening will be completed with live music shows of Nanko, Funckarma and Wolfram Der Spyra.

Umfeld is an audiovisual production with audio specially designed for 5.1 surround audio playback. It will appear as two formats.The DVD release offers various extras, including a documentary about the project and a special generative randomized piece - designed specifically to push the boundaries of the DVD format. Also available will be a , totally free, online version hosted by V2_. This version will not feature navigation or extra features. It will be a DVD disc image that can be downloaded on the V2_ website (www.v2.nl <http://www.v2.nl/>) , burned to a recordable DVD, and played on any set-top DVD player. Important note: it is necessary to have a 5.1 audio system in order to experience Umfeld. The audio will be offered in both DTS and Dolby 5.1 surround formats.

About Paap and Pagano, the men behind Umfeld.

Rotterdam-based producer and musician Jochem Paap is the man behind some of the most remarkable electronic music of the last 15 years. Paap, working under the name Speedy J, was there during the earliest days of Techno. He has released albums of fluid, functional and oftentimes breathtaking electronic music. Paap has found his very own sound, situated between the harsh industrial heritage of his current label novamute/Mute and the synthetic audio-modernism that has always been an important part of his work.

Nowadays, the multi-layered, meticulously precise music of Paap is in a league of it’s own. Over the last decade Speedy J has been peforming on all major music festivals and multimedia events. Among others, Paap has been working with Mike Paradinas, Chris Liebing, George Issakidis and Telco Systems.

Scott Pagano is one of the world’s cutting edge digital artists taking the “music video” into new, unimagined territories. His video works have been described as “experimental graphic narrative short films, revolutionary in their spatial, textural and color exploration.” As filmmaker, motion designer, and spatial reconstructionist, he creates moving image content utilizing shards of architecture, dysfunction, and futurism. With influences ranging from cinema to minimal painting, his work offers a re-envisioned perspective to the graphic stratas that saturate our visual perception. His meticulously constructed abstract artworks push the boundaries of audio-visual composition and process exploration using a dynamic mix of cinematographic and synthetic imagery. His music video and motion art work has been screened in venues ranging from international film festivals to MTV. He has worked with a wide range of notable musicians including BT, Christopher Willits, Funkstorung, Joan Jeanrenaud, Kid606, the Kronos Quartet, Twerk, Richard Devine, and Speedy J.
Friday 10 November 2006*
Starts: 20:00h

20.15–20.30 Introduction by Jochem Paap

20.30–20.45 Documentairy: /making of Umfeld/
20:45–21.45 Screening of the DVD
21.45–22.00 Short break
22:00–23.00 Live performance: Nanko

Entree: € 5.00 (REMF day tickets and passes: free entrance)

Saturday 11 November 2006*
Starts: 15:00h

15.15–15.30 Introduction by Scott Pagano
15.30–15.45 Documentairy: /making of Umfeld/
15:45–16.45 Screening of the DVD
16.45–17.00 Short break
17:00–18.00 Live performance: Wolfram Der Spyra (Fax Records, Berlin)

Entree: € 5.00 (REMF day tickets and passes: free entrance)

Starts 20:00h

20.15–20.30 Introduction by Scott Pagano
20.30–20.45 Documentairy: /making of Umfeld/
20:45–21.45 Screening of the DVD
21.45–22.00 Short break
22:00–24.00 Live performance: Funckarma

Entree: € 5.00 (REMF day tickets and passes: free entrance)


More info: www.v2.nl and www.remf.nl







For more information please contact Remco Beeskow, V2_Communications press {AT} v2.nl Phone: +31(0)10-206 72 72. Website: www.v2.nl

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