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<nettime-ann> [call] Special Issue of ARTIFACT: The Interaction of Pract
Charlie Breindahl on Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:54:05 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Special Issue of ARTIFACT: The Interaction of Practice and Theory

Call for Papers
Special Issue of ARTIFACT: The Interaction of Practice and Theory.

While theory and practice interact in design artifacts implicitly, this
special issue of Artifact seeks to understand that interaction explicitly,
by exploring collaborative articles between academics and professionals. We
encourage submissions that include, but are not limited to the following

1. Academic/professional reflections that compare perspectives on analysis
versus making as it applies to a digital artifact.

2. Conversations in which academics and professionals ask and answer each
other's questions concerning a particular design artifact.

3. Individuals who "have a foot in theory and one in practice" or who have
experience moving from theory to practice, reflect on the opportunities and
constraints in each.

4. Graduate students, professionals, and/or academics, who have collaborated
on a student project, describe that process.

Please follow Artifact's guidelines for authors
http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/saifauth.pdf. Submit manuscripts by
DECEMBER 15, 2006 to
<susan.hagan {AT} alumni.cmu.edu>.

Susan Hagan and Erik Stolterman
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