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<nettime-ann> OpenLab3 (4th Nov, London) Installations, sonic interventi
paul webb on Fri, 3 Nov 2006 16:23:03 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> OpenLab3 (4th Nov, London) Installations, sonic interventions, video works, animations, digital musics.



Installations, sonic interventions, video works,
animations, digital musics.

DATES: Exhibition: 4th of November to 11th of November
Opening times: 1-7 pm 
Opening Event: 4th of November from 4 pm
Closing Event: 11th of November from 4 pm.

VENUE: The MidnightBlue Gallery in Peckham, South
ADDRESS: autoitalia south-east london gallery.
82-86 Queens Road, Peckham.

CONTACT: Sabine, 07757638248

OpenLab3 is an art exhibition and will also feature
musical performances for its opening and closing
events. More than 20 artists and musicians of the
Openlab collective are participating. Openlab engages
in the aesthetics and politics of Free Open Source
Software Culture. Free Software Culture seeks to
emphasise transparency of the creative process by
making all stages of development available to others,
enabling them to learn how the creation works and
alter it for their own purposes. When this idea is
applied to artistic practices, the boundaries between
the artistic usage of software tools and their
collaborative development become blurred. The workings
of the artist's tools are exposed, and the artists are
actively engaged in developing media technologies.
They can modify them to suit their goals, rather than
creating works by using existing tools that impose
"their way of doing things" on the artwork.

This group exhibition brings together interactive
installations, sonic interventions, video works and
animations which explore the audio-visual code of this
network culture: computers start to paint pictures on
their own, expose their internal circuits and "commit
suicide"; birds will sing and fly around in multiple
realities, the skylines of two cosmopolitan cities
merge, language, meaning and time burst into fragments
and recombine. Either way, the range of the combined
works points to the strength of Open Source Culture ?
its continued importance as artistic playground
essential to contemporary debates and its increasing
versatility not just in the invention of new media
realities but in tackling themes of ?real? time and

The two music events feature sound and multimedia
performances of artists who use and develop
open-source tools such as PD, Supercollider,
Processing and Fluxus. They will perform prepared sets
and code their music live in various programming
languages. Musicians will also experiment with a set
of live instrument swapping. By exchanging PD-Patches,
they will challenge each other in an uncharted space
of sonic manipulation. The performances will span from
excursions into the symphonica, experimental noise and
soundscapes to electronica and beat-oriented minimal

Rob Canning
Chun Lee
Claude Heiland-Allen
Carl Forsell
Sabine Gottfried
Karsten Gebbert
Paul Webb
Rob Munro
Chiharu Kaido
Evan Raskob
Ryan Jordan
Oli Laruelle
Robert Atwood
Luke Jordan
Monica Subrotova & Daniel Kordik
Michael Woelkner
Andy Farnell
Martin Aaserud
Ryan Jordan & Rachel Horne
Dave Griffith & Alex McLean

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