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<nettime-ann> Recent art proyects from Mexico
freegar.org on Fri, 10 Nov 2006 04:47:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Recent art proyects from Mexico

Dear friends:

This message is to let you know about recent video &net.art proyects
I've been working and actually are participating in some ONLINE events in
Japan, Italy and soon in Serbia and Portugal, so I'm sending URLs to check
them and I could know your comments about them.

This project criticizes to all mass media that at the moment controls the
conscience of the captive audiences that are given to their dominion by
means of simple entertainment and absurd known like trash content that
manipulates the way of think and to act of these spectators in different
parts from the orb without concerning races, or social conditions. Trough of
some images and texts consider several questions that look for answer in
nowadays and in introspection of life with an interface similar to the one
of the channel of musical and videos programs well known on the planet (and
from which we have taken the freedom to parody it) in such a way that the
same association of these images and sounds that anyone has seen sometimes
in front of a television set with a remote control in hand, it sends to
situations that very difficult we can state of testify but in telepresence,
because those are who have decided what we do and what we don?t have to
know beyond of which appears on screen it shows to us, or wants to show to
us at half, so maybe we don?t discover that there is a world there outside
and that the reality is not but that banal fiction and distractions.


First works in videart about a serie of experimental short films made in
most famous mexican beach, or in one night, one sight around a taller
building in Mexico City, (because you know the night is perfect for sex), or
like a Tequila brand named 'Don Julio" shows an analogy between moon and the
most beautiful roundness in woman to confirm there's no worry living in a
luxurious boat or penthouse becasue "In the sea, life is more delightful..."
yeah, and nasty.



Fabian Giles

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