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<nettime-ann> ASCA PhD fellowships
Geert Lovink on Fri, 3 Nov 2006 16:27:07 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> ASCA PhD fellowships

From: "asca-fgw" <asca-fgw {AT} uva.nl>

The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) offers four PhD fellowships.

The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis is a research center of scholars active in literature, philosophy, visual culture, religious studies, film and media studies, and argumentation theory. They share a dual commitment to their own specialization and to their work within an interdisciplinary framework. They seek to maintain a close connection with contemporary cultural and political debates within society at large and with cultural institutions outside of the academic world. ASCA provides its members with a unique and stimulating environment where an international team of scholars, professionals, and graduate students work together.

In 2007, ASCA offers four PhD fellowships for three years (or, preferably, four years, working part-time) .
Deadline for applications: February 1st, 2007.
Results before April 1st, 2007
Start Fellowships: September 1st 2007.

Two of the four fellowships are reserved for proposals focussing on the following research topics:
- Imagined Futures (Program 4, project 5)
- Philosophy and Public Affairs (Program 6)
For each of these programs one PhD proposal will be selected. Proposals for the other two fellowships may be related to any of the other programmes or to a combination of  ASCA programs.

ASCA welcomes applications consisting of
1) a proposal for a dissertation of maximum 2000 words, written in English;
2) a statement from one of ASCA’s senior staff members confirming that s/he is willing to supervise the project and explaining its relationship or importance to the program (100 words max.);
3) a short curriculum vitae (1 page max.);
4) a list of MA scores.
The Research Program and elaborate guidelines, including exemplary proposals, are available on the ASCA website: www.fgw.uva.nl/asca <http://www.fgw.uva.nl/asca>.

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