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<nettime-ann> 3 Urban Media Events in Germany in November!
Interactionfield on Thu, 9 Nov 2006 20:22:43 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> 3 Urban Media Events in Germany in November!

10-12 November - Media city Conference / Bauhaus-University Weimar

The conference attempts to research different approaches to handle the
primary question of how âmediaâ and âurban spaceâ might be constructed as
terms which will allow further empirical research strategies. The MEDIACITY
conference wants to enable the research about occurring
processes of media use in urban contexts in the widest sense. It aims to
research solutions for urban development in a knowledge based society.
MEDIACITY intends to achieve a transfer of experiences and theoretical
knowledge about opportunities to implement information and
media technologies in an urban environment. The conference focuses on the
issue of a knowledge based economy and society for cities, the use for new
media in the practice of urban planning, land use and architecture and the
necessary political and social framework to ensure the socially balanced
embedding of these technologies.

16. November - Urban Media - Mobile Experience - Symposium

The accent of âmobile experienceâ
concentrates on the possibilities and consequences of mobile
multimedia-based communication via multimedia-based portable devices.
Thereby technical as well as creative aspects are in the center of interrest

    - location-based services, applications or games
    - context-related services, applications and games
    - mobile devices interacting with wireless broad band
    - man-machine interface
    - application-concepts
    - content-development for mobile devices and their characteristics

Our attention is focused on interraction and supplemention of real
environment and digital supply. Both aspects are included in the design

19.November - International Urban Media Workshop

âUrban Mediaâ is an international Workshop between Science, Art and Commerce
adressing Urban strategies and semantic media.
Topics: Strategies for Urban Media  and their acompanying processes:
Interfacedesign, networked multi-user-communication, input und communication
devices, from interaction to performance

Mirjam Struppek
Urban Media Research, Berlin

Urban Space, Public Sphere and the New Media 

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