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<nettime-ann> Kate Pullinger at the IOCT Salon, Thursday 23 Nov 2006, 6
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<nettime-ann> Kate Pullinger at the IOCT Salon, Thursday 23 Nov 2006, 6pm - 7.30pm, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

The IOCT Salon

The IOCT Salon is a new regular event that highlights practice and
practitioners in the digital arts. It takes place at the Institute of
Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
Directions at http://www.ioctsalon.com/directions.htm

Admission is free, and members of the public are very welcome! It
would be very helpful if you could email us to let us know you are
coming ( info /at/ ioctsalon.com ), but just turning up on the night
is also fine.


Thursday 23rd November 2006, 6pm - 7.30pm (coffee from 5pm)
Arrive at 5pm to meet students studying for the online MA in Creative
Writing and New Media during their Residential Campus Week.

Kate Pullinger, http://www.katepullinger.com

Kate Pullinger is the first author to have been asked to speak at both
the Edinburgh Book Festival and the city's games festival EIEF. Her
most recent project is the award-winning series of multimedia short
stories, Inanimate Alice. At this Salon Kate will present the English
premiere of Inanimate Alice, Episode 3: Russia, as well as discussing
her other work. She is a Reader in Creative Writing and New Media at
De Montfort University.

In 2002/3 Kate was a Research Fellow at the trAce Online Writing
Centre where she spent a year looking at new forms of online
narrative. Since then she has continued to experiment and develop
digital fiction projects, including The Breathing Wall, a full-length
narrative that uses a pioneering piece of software to allow the story
to respond to the reader's rate of breathing.

Her print books include the novels 'Weird Sister' and 'The Last Time I
Saw Jane' as well as the novel of the film 'The Piano'. Her latest
book, 'A Little Stranger', received excellent reviews on its
publication in January of this year. Her first play for radio, 'The
Egyptian Collection' was critically acclaimed, following the recent
national broadcast. She currently teaches on the Masters degree in
Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University, Leicester.


Kate Pullinger - http://www.katepullinger.com
Inanimate Alice - http://www.inanimatealice.com
The Breathing Wall - http://www.thebreathingwall.com
Creative Writing and New Media MA - http://www.creativewritingandnewmedia.com


The IOCT Salon ( http://www.ioctsalon.com ) is managed by Chris
Joseph, Digital Writer in Residence at the Institute of Creative
Technologies, De Montfort University. This residency is funded by Arts
Council England: East Midlands.

For further information about the IOCT Salon please email Chris: info
/at/ ioctsalon.com . To be notified of future events please join the
mailing list on the Salon website.

The IOCT Salon is held at and staged by De Montfort University and the
Insitute of Creative Technologies, and is supported by Arts Council
England and the Literature Development Network.
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