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<nettime-ann> okno public02: radio art
[OKNO-events] on Fri, 17 Nov 2006 18:26:09 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> okno public02: radio art


Okno â Koolmijnenkaai 30/34 â 1080 Brussels â Belgium

OKNO invites you to its Public02 event : an contemporary look on Radio Art.
In a process of workshops, 2way radioworks, collaborative and networked soundinstallations, live broadcasts of radio-art programs, lectures and performances, OKNO offers the broad public a chance to take part in the debate.
All events can be attended onsite and online. Check oknoâs homepage for updated stream-information.


public live broadcast -- Martiens go home! (B)
16/11 -- 9.30 pm

A public live broadcast from the duo of the notorious radio show on Radio Campus (Bxl). With the live sequencing of found sounds and various samples, MartiensGoHome develops its own approach to electronic music. Far from any rigid and binary compositions, their sound is organic and complex. Live from okno & broadcasted on Radio Campus.

thursday 16/11 â 9.30pm
more info: http://www.okno.be/index.php?id=978
stream on rtsp://qt.okno.be:8000/MartiensGoHome.sdp
audiostream: http://stream.okno.be:8000/MartiensGoHome.m3u

or on oknoâs homepage http://okno.be


Stockhausenâs use and interpretation of shortwave broadcasting â lecture + documentary
17/11 â 8pm

In the sixties (during what probably was the most metaphysical phase in his career) Stockhausen used shortwave radio as a source of musical information.
The lecture on Stockhausens' interpretation of these broadcasts, given by Guy de BiÃvre (B/ composer, musician, and theoretic on sound art) will be followed by a projection of the documentary "Kurzwellen", a registration by the ORTF/Luc Ferrari of Stockhausensâ performance in the Lebanese Caves of Jeita, November 1969.

friday 17/11 â 8pm
more info: http://www.okno.be/index.php?id=984
stream on rtsp://qt.okno.be:8000/Stockhausen.sdp
audiostream: http://stream.okno.be:8000/Stockhausen.m3u

or on oknoâs homepage http://okno.be


Shift coordinate points  --  Esther Venrooy (B/Nl)
17/11 -- 9.30 pm

The UK label Indrial-Discs invited Dutch composer Esther Venrooy to rework the material of The Conet Project, a collection of spyradio registrations. The result is a live radio art / poetry performance, a mix of electronically generated noise, deconstructed speech patterns and coded shortwave broadcasts recordings.

friday 17/11 â 9.30pm
more info:  http://www.okno.be/index.php?id=980
stream on rtsp://qt.okno.be:8000/ShiftPoints.sdp
audiostream: http://stream.okno.be:8000/ShiftPoints.m3u

or on oknoâs homepage http://okno.be


Transgressing the boundaries of everyday-life: considering radio as an apparatus of distribution â lecture performance by Ligna Collective (D)
18/11 -- 8.30 pm

Nowadays radio seems to be an old-fashioned modern medium and the hope Brecht had is now projected - again often enough merely in a technical sense - on the internet and open source approaches. LIGNA proposes with its work a different perspective: We have to get rid of the technical reading of Brecht and recognise that his critique was meant in a social and political way. Only as an apparatus of distribution, radio could organise it's listeners and thus intervene in everyday-life situations - and thus could provide means to overcome a society that is based on the exchange of commodities.
The lecture will discuss this thesis and it's aesthetical implications with a lot of examples and images of Lignaâs work.

saturday 18/11 â 8.30pm
more info: http://www.okno.be/index.php?id=977
stream on rtsp://qt.okno.be:8000/Ligna.sdp
audiostream: http://stream.okno.be:8000/Ligna.m3u
or on oknoâs homepage http://okno.be


[RT- 32]  Acoustic Space Lab â a project by RIXC media lab (Lv)
screenings on wednesday, thursday and saturday after the live performances.

The RT-32: Acoustic Space Lab is a multi media exploration of the VIRAC radio telescope, a 32 m dish antenna in Irbene, Latvia. From the history of this top-secret Soviet era military object, including precise technical data and its conversion to scientific and civilian use, to the international Acoustic Space Lab-symposium on sound art using radio and satellite technology, with the participation of thirty artists, radio amateurs and community radio activists from all over the world.

wednesday/thursday/saturday â 8pm/10pm onwards
more info: http://www.rixc.lv
and http://www.rixc.lv/solar/


location: OKNO -- Koolmijnenkaai 30/34 -- 1080 Brussels â Belgium
entrance: free
dates: thursday 16/11 ->  saturday 18/11

public transport: metro Graaf van Vlaanderen/Comte de Flandre -- Tram18

With the kind support of the Flemisch authorities and the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie).
A collaboration with the RITS radio-department.

sorry for crossposting.

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