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<nettime-ann> CFP: M/C Journal issues in 2007
M/C - Media and Culture on Sat, 25 Nov 2006 16:57:06 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> CFP: M/C Journal issues in 2007

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 20 November 2006

                          M/C - Media and Culture
            is calling for contributors to the 2007 issues of 

                                M/C Journal

M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal
between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and peer-reviewed
journal. In 2007, M/C Journal celebrates its tenth year in publication.

To see what M/C Journal is all about, check out our Website, which contains
all the issues released so far, at <http://journal.media-culture.org.au/>.
To find out how and in what format to contribute your work, visit

                              Call for Papers

M/C Journal is now calling for contributions to its six issues scheduled
for 2007. Articles should be up to 3000 words in length.

'mobile':  article deadline 17 January 2007, release date 14 March 2007
           edited by Larissa Hjorth and Olivia Khoo
           contact   mobile {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

'adapt':   article deadline 9 March 2007,    release date 2 May 2007
           edited by Patrick West and Jeanette Delamoir
           contact   adapt {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

'complex': article deadline 4 May 2007,      release date 27 June 2007
           edited by Jayde Cahir and Sarah James
           contact   complex {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

'home':    article deadline 29 June 2007,    release date 22 August 2007
           edited by Andrew Gorman-Murray and Robyn Dowling
           contact   home {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

'error':   article deadline 24 August 2007,  release date 17 October 2007
           edited by Mark Nunes
           contact   error {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

'vote':    article deadline 19 October 2007, release date 12 December 2007
           edited by Graham Meikle
           contact   vote {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

For more information on these issues, please contact the editors, and see

M/C - Media and Culture is located at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>.
M/C Journal is online at <http://journal.media-culture.org.au/>.
All past issues of M/C Journal on various topics are available there.


                                                     Dr Axel Bruns

 General Editor                              editor {AT} media-culture.org.au
 M/C - Media and Culture                http://www.media-culture.org.au/

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