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Darko Fritz on Sat, 25 Nov 2006 16:59:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Exhibition . Darko Fritz . XXX [body . technology . desire . porno] : moving images


XXX [body . technology . desire . porno] : moving images
by Darko Fritz

VN Gallery . Zagreb . Croatia
23 - 25 . 11 . 2006 . opening . 23rd Nov 20 h

exhibited works:
Darko Fritz . XXX [body . technology . desire . porno] . documentary . first showing!
Cryped TV porn [analogue]
Cryped TV porn [digital]
The Birth of an Unborn Nation


Darko Fritz . XXX [body . technology . desire . porno]

project in progres
by Darko Fritz
since 1997

Internet Porno / Internet Porno Weekends
digital prints on canvas

Images taken from the commercial porno sites are digitally manipulated and then printed on canvas. The first several works in this series censor the uncensored portion of the image thus inverting the methodology of censorship applied to each two-dimensional image.

Cryped TV porn [analogue] stills
digital prints / temporary installation at public space . Artwalk . Amsterdam

This series consists of digital prints of the TV-stills taken from scrambled television signals. TV broadcasters encrypt the video signal for those who don't pay subscription fees. Nevertheless, such signals are present in both the air and on cable TV. In particular, TV programmes with hard-core porno films was recorded in its scrambled state.

Cryped TV porn [analogue]

A one hour video was made by capturing such a signal in one take. The only editing technique used was freezing the TV image on-the-fly while recording it, in order to reveal video stills. As video signal is out – of – synch, even these stills are not quite still. The rest of the image processing just happened by itself by capturing the unsyncronised video signal.

Cryped TV porn [digital]
3 [and 5] channal video installation

During the transfer of analogue to digital video signal, a new quality of image is achieved. Each track of the multi-channal video installation utilized video captures of scrambled TV programmes in one-take without any editing at all. The installation makes use of looped tracks which are 1 hour in duration.

The Birth of an Unborn Nation
internet animation / video / temporary installation at public space . Artwalk . Amsterdam

A temporary installation was set-up on the streets of Amsterdam. An image the size of two by two meters is printed on a special plastic designed for backlight. Two strobe-lights placed behind the print create a constant flickering effect.

Dream Factory
installation at the Tvornica theatre . Zagreb

A permanent installation was set up in the then-newly opened Factory theatre in Zagreb, in 1999 alongside works by conceptual artists Mladen Stilinovic and Goran Trbuljak. The works were curated by Tihomir Milovac from the Museum of Contemporary Art from Zagreb. The walls were covered in newly designed wallpapers. The intensity of the red colour within the image is propelled by both red and ultraviolet light and ceiling which was also painted red.

soundscape / sound installation

Initial sound samples taken from porno film soundtracks were multilayered and reprogrammed as a one-hour soundscape. A sound installation is created within empty gallery spaces illuminated with ultraviolet light.

p.sound [remix]
network project

A copyleft three minute version is displayed on the internet and ready to be used by other artists. Here is a permanent open call for contributions. Feel free to join! Make your remix and participate in the network art project! Upload multimedia or sound work directly via the web. All contributions will be displayed with no filtering.

p.sound [megamix]
live sound performances

The final steps of this process are live sound performances by different sound artists and DJ's. The only commission they have in common is to use all works created within this project. Audio recordings of live performances are available and published on an audio CD by EGOBOO.bits.

more info: http://darkofritz.net/projects/xxx.htm

VN Gallery: http://www.kvn.hr

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