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<nettime-ann> Pourinfos/ Today is Shanghai Time #5
xavier cahen on Sat, 25 Nov 2006 17:07:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Pourinfos/ Today is Shanghai Time #5

l'actualité du monde de l'art / daily Art news
Today is Shanghai Time #5 !

++++ 1.Fringe Shanghai Festival

"Fringe Shanghai" is a vibrant annual arts event celebrating and supporting the innovative and visionary works of up-and-coming artists. This year's event marks the first such Fringe experience for Shanghai, opening a window to the premiere of international avant-garde arts. More than just a range of performances, "Fringe Shanghai" helps to lay the foundation for the development of a vibrant arts scene which will grow hand-in-hand with Shanghai's bustling economic environment.

With more than 20 international and local groups offering close to 100 performances, "Fringe Shanghai 2006" is set to bring cutting-edge arts to life in Shanghai.

Fringe Shanghai is a platform providing an opportunity to emerging and established, Chinese and international artists to present cutting-edge, experimental and visionary artistic works which are not necessarily commercially viable.

more information http://www.fringeshanghai.com

2.HARVEST II: The Second Annual Chinese Photography EXPO - Art Scene Warehouse

In what is being dubbed as Shanghai's biggest and best Chinese contemporary photography show, Art Scene Warehouse announces: Harvest II, the Second Annual Chinese Photography EXPO. Art Scene Warehouse's big space is bringing together the works of 16 of China's best photography artists. Some of the photographers, who come from throughout China, are among China's most famous and internationally exhibited, while others are young, emerging photography artists. The show is being co-curated by Gu Zheng, one of China's most respected photography curators. Gu curated the Guangzhou Photography Triennial in 2005, one of China's most important photography shows, as well as an exhibition that toured 4 USA museums in 2005 and 2006.

The title "HARVEST" refers to the culmination of the 16 Chinese photographers' hard work, being reaped and sewn at Art Scene Warehouse for viewers to enjoy. HARVEST also refers to the current autumn season, when the fruits of labour are reaped in the fields, as the fruits of the artists' work will be gathered together for a big exposition at Art Scene Warehouse's exposition.

more information http://www.artscenechina.com

3. FOREPLAY -- Yang Zhenzhong Solo-Exhibition
Solo Exhibition: YANG Zhenzhong
Shanghart H-Space, Shanghai
Date: nov. 05, 2006 - nov. 30, 2006

The desire to challenge normative notions and fixed formats of social behavior informs the practices of Yang Zhenzhong's work. He is pre-occupied with a tendency to invert the order of things and often touches upon cultural conventions and out-dated social norms. He uses his diverse aesthetic language to describe what it is that makes up a community, with its functions, its exchanges, its rules and its behaviors. Yang Zhenzhong's playful videos, installations and photographs are more than visual reflections; they are intelligent comments on the design of contemporary society.

With a sincere attitude, but in a playful manner, the artist explores the contemporary preoccupation with questions of identity and perception, and the ability of images to turn apathy into anticipation, and ordinariness into desirability. He uses part fiction and part reality that tangles both the euphoric enthusiasm and deep anxiety of day-to-day experience. His work has lately been described as "an extraordinary distillation of an artistic practice that couldn't be more preoccupied with the nature of what is real".
Born in Xiaoshan in 1968, Yang Zhenzhong now lives and works in Shanghai. Yang Zhenzhong's work has showed at major international exhibitions, biennales and triennials. Recent exhibitions include China Contemporary – Art, Architecture and Visual Culture, Museum Boiman van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2006), Yang Zhenzhong Solo-Exhibition, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK (2006), and China Power Station – Part I, Battersea Power Station – The Serpentine Gallery, London, UK (2006).

more information http://www.shanghart.com

4.SHiNE Art Space - Cai Zhisong - Motherland
Date: nov. 15, 2006 - Dec. 15, 2006

The 'Motherland' series consists of three parts: the 'Ode' and 'Custom' works, which are figurative, and the 'Refinement' object pieces. In his figurative works Cai creates warriors which take influence from the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC), the era in which the infamous Xian terracotta warriors were created. In his interpretations of these ancient soldiers he implies no symbolic significance concerning this time period however. What we see is not a literal representation of a historical figure or one moment in time, but a figure who is representative of the trials and tribulations that have existed throughout history. We live in a time of great social flux, where decades of social upheaval have contributed to a frequently contradictory cultural identity. Cai Zhisong, in the midst of this turmoil creates sculpture that looks back to the stability of the past; his work is not a reiteration of Chinese history however, but a reaffirmation of the past and its relevance to contemporary times. A variety of materials are used in the artist's works: the clothed figures and objects are created using lead or bronze, and the nude warriors are constructed from a fiberglass shell that is covered in small copper squares, a method which results in a tactile surface which is richly textured and apparently aged. Cai Zhisong was born in Shenyang, Liaoning province in 1972 and graduated from the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts in 1997 with his BFA, and in 2001, with his MFA. In this year Cai was also invited to exhibit at the Paris Autumn Salon, the first time in the salon's over 100 year history that a Chinese artist had been asked to do so. Here he won the prestigious Taylor prize and has since gone on to increasing international success. Today Cai lives and works in Beijing.".

More information : http://www.shineartspace.com

5. 'Sickroom' Happening Art Exhibition Sickroom? DDM Warehousse
Date: nov. 18, 2006 - nov. 19, 2006

#14? What kind of the sickness? How did it come? Who the hell is the sick? Them or us? This group of people are taken as the unidentified sick. They live in the Sickroom #14. They are being observed, and observing the observers as well. Who on the earth belongs to this sickroom? Daily 11am-7pm. Free entry.
Besides the live show, some video installations will perform the interaction with the audience and the theater players. All the viewers and the viewees are inside and outside it at the same time. During the week after the theater show, all the props, installations, remnants, and image and video archives will be shown as a "happening art" exhibition.

"Company Niao" is defined by the international media as a "post-modern dancing company". The previous work by this company "Tongue's Memory to the Home" just took the ZKB Award, the 1st prize of Zurich Theather Spektakel 2006 in Switzerland. As one of the very few groups in mainland China, which are exploring the possibilities of "Physical Theater", Company Niao's latest production "Sickroom #14", which will be staged at DDM Warehouse, is one other physical theater experimentation.

more information http://www.ddmwarehouse.cn

6. Shanghai Art Fair
Date: nov. 16, 2006 - nov. 20, 2006

The year of 2006 sees the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Art Fair, a highly influential platform for the exchange and trade of fine arts. To improve the organization and standards of this art fair, Shanghai Art Fair Organization Committee welcomes creative ideas and suggestions from people at home and abroad. You can offer your advice on how to hold a world-class and commercially successful art fair.

More information (but not much) http://www.cnarts.net/sartfair/2006/eweb/

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