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<nettime-ann> The Evening of Imaginary Media - Monday December 4, De Bal
Eric Kluitenberg on Sat, 25 Nov 2006 17:10:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> The Evening of Imaginary Media - Monday December 4, De Balie, Amsterdam

A   N   N   O   U   N   C   E   M   E   N   T

The Evening of Imaginary Media

The imaginary future of media..

/ Book Launch / DVD presentation / lecture Richard Barbrook / live performance Peter Blegvad /

De Balie, Amsterdam Monday December 4, 2006 19.30 hrs: Book presentation 20.30 hrs: Evening program

In conjunction with the publication of the “Book & DVD of Imaginary Media” by De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, in collaboration with NAi Publishers (Rotterdam), De Balie presents an intimate yet spectacular program around the concept of ‘imaginary media’. For centuries mankind has dreamt about the ultimate communication medium, which should once and for all eradicate the ubiquitous human misunderstanding - however, miscommunication still prevails today as a seemingly inextinguishable feature of human experience...

The evening will start with the presentation of the “Book of Imaginary Media”, after which RICHARD BARBROOK will speak about the imaginary future of artificial intelligence and the extremely real cold war agenda hiding behind these imaginations. Richard Barbrook is a researcher and co-ordinator of the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster, London. Barbrook is currently working on a book devoted to this topic, which will appear next spring under the title “Imaginary Futures - From Thinking Machines to the Global Village”

A PREVIEW will be given of the “DVD of Imaginary Media”, which includes the son et lumière adaptation of “On Imaginary Media” by Peter Blegvad, based on the theatre performance he developed for De Balie in 2004.

PETER BLEGVAD will also perform live and contribute some of his elusive songs. Blegvad collaborated in the past with cultbands such as Faust, Slap Happy and Henry Cow, and with avant-garde artists as John Zorn. He is the creator of the famous Leviathan cartoon, published in the Independent on Sunday, and he developed a remarkable solo-career as a singer / composer. He also gained esteem with his sound plays (Eartoons) for BBC radio in London.

Further information can be found at the Balie website:


In 2004 De Balie organised the mini-festival “An Archaeology of Imaginary Media” about the dreams, visions and imaginations of the ultimate communication medium with a selection of world-renown media scientists, media archaeologists, writers, artists and filmmakers. The Book and the DVD of Imaginary Media now conclude these archaeological explorations.


The Book of Imaginary Media will be available from mid-November from NAi Publishers in Rotterdam and in bookshops - with contributions by Siegfried Zielinski, Erkki Huhtamo, Bruce Sterling, John Akomfrah, Zoe Beloff, Edwin Carels, Timothy Druckrey, Richard Barbrook, and edited by Eric Kluitenberg (De Balie).

The accompanying DVD contains, next to “On Imaginary Media” by Peter Blegvad, the experimental short movie “Aqua Micans” by François Ducat, and a selection of cartoons specially produced for the 2004 festival by Ben Katchor, Peter Blegvad, Thomas Zummer, Jonathan Rosen, Sasa (aka Aleksander Zograf), Gary Panter, Dick Tuinder, Neal Fox en Les Coleman.

Information page of NAi Publishers:


19.30 - Book Launch Book of Imaginary Media

20.30 - Start evening program.

Conclusion:  ± 22.30 hrs.

Admission: free / reserving tickets is possible via the Balie website

Language: English

Information: http://www.debalie.nl/media

An extensive web dossier has previously been compiled around this project:

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