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<nettime-ann> MUTE _ CALL FOR VIDEO WORK - USA
andrew mount on Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:54:37 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> MUTE _ CALL FOR VIDEO WORK - USA


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ThINC announces an open call for video works to be projected in its
downtown, Syracuse gallery.

"MUTE" - video works that rely totally on the visual for consumption; works
that corrupt the normative associate of the ear and the eye; works that
suggest their soundtracks....we are looking for artists who are playing with
the idea of this duality in video, we are not limited in terms of the
approach; it can be flash movies, or fully rendered final-cut pieces.

The gallery closes during the winter (too cold - no heat), so videos will be
visible through the gallery's two floor to ceiling glass walls
(one is 25ft, the other is 45ft, both are 15ft high).
The videos will run through a loop 24hours a day for 2 months.
There will be NO AUDIO. DVD usa region only please!!

Show will start December 13th 2006 and run through February 13th 2007.
Any more info? Please email andrew {AT} thinc.org

Send submissions to:
State Tower Building
Suite 826
109 S.Warren Street
Syracuse, NY 13202 

Submissions are non-returnable. If you have your video on an ftp please send
the link to andrew {AT} thinc.org

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