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<nettime-ann> Motion graphics Call 4 Entry
Mason Dixon on Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:57:59 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Motion graphics Call 4 Entry

Chicago Motion Graphics Festival 2007

__/** Call for Motion Artists **\__

CMGF07 is a four-day premier Midwestern event catering to 3D and compositing effects. It takes place January 25th through 28th in downtown Chicago. The festival features an awards ceremony, industry mixer, HD screening, a 4-day educational conference, and year-round online coverage. Current partners include School of the Art Institute, North Michigan Apple Store, Screen Magazine, and Midwest Media Group.

CMGF will screen work that includes: special effects, compositing, music videos, commercials, experimental, machinima, game graphics, animatics, web motion designs, dvd intros and micro-cinema. The festival accepts entries from all over the world, but will emphasize work from the Midwest.

This year we will give special attention to work at HD resolution.

The DEADLINE for entry is 8 December 2006. To submit a motion picture for consideration, please enclose a print  
out of the application form (http://mgChicago.com/CMGF07- 
entryform.pdfAfter Next, LLC, your entry in one of the accepted formats, and mail to:

Motion Graphics Chicago
1573 North Milwaukee Ave #510
Chicago, IL 60622

All entries should be submitted on DVD, MiniDV, HDV, BetaSP or compatible data file formats such as an uncompressed Quicktime file.

Entries should also include:
(1) A brief artist or company bio.
(2) A list of the software used to create the work,
(3) An indication of the content's original format (i.e. computer animation, live action footage, hand-drawing, stills, etc.),
(4) A description of the work of 35 words or fewer, and
(5) An optional, separate description of not more than 100 words.

Please send an email with your name and the name of your project to filmfest {AT} mgchicago.com when you have mailed your submission, and we will notify you when your entry has been received.

Entry Fee is $15.00 per person or company.
Each person or company can include as many pieces, works, or movies in their entry as will fit on their entry DVD.

Please Note: All submission become the property of Design After Next, LLC to be used at their discretion. All relevant permissions and copyrights are assumed to be cleared by the entrant. The accepted festival entries will be shown at the festival screening, MGChicago events, on the festival website, and on the festival DVD.

If you have a question about your entries eligibility please contact filmfest {AT} mgchicago.com.

For more information about the festival visit www.MGChicago.com.

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