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<nettime-ann> Buzzcocks 30th anniversary UK tour & Longrange in second l
artwankers on Thu, 30 Nov 2006 16:58:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Buzzcocks 30th anniversary UK tour & Longrange in second life


Itís a busy December for the C6 disaster unit providing visuals for the Buzzcocks in a national celebration of their 30 years in punk. The 12th of December will see C6 link cargo in Shoreditch, London with Sine Wave Island in Second Life for a one off dual dimensional show with Longrange (ex orbital Phil Hartnoll). All accompanied of course by lashings of spray paint (check out the map, www.c6.org/thedotmasters )

The BUZZCOCKS 30 retrospective exhibition, a multimedia display featuring artwork by Malcolm Garrett and photographs by Kevin Cummins and Chris Gabrin accompanies C6ís VJ punk backdrop to the band and supporting acts.

28/11   St Albans Alban Arena
29      Bristol Anson Rooms
1/12    Manchester Academy
2       London Forum
4       Northampton Deco
5       Leicester University
7       Gateshead Sage
8       Glasgow ABC
9       Warwick Arts Centre

On the 12th of December at Cargo London and Sine Wave Island in Second Life, Longrange and C6 mix it up for two audiences, visualizations in both will merge these venues with streaming media, so join us at either location for an evening of stunning music and visuals.




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