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<nettime-ann> 6th KaraFilm Festival
yasir ~ on Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:23:47 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> 6th KaraFilm Festival

6th KaraFilm Festival

Organized under the aegis of the KaraFilm Society, a grouping of committed young filmmakers, the KaraFilm Festival is a celebration of the moving image and of storytelling. Our goal is to promote an appreciation of the art and craft of filmmaking among a wide population as well as to encourage creativity and high standards among filmmakers. We hope that this will have a salutary effect on the development of the motion picture industry in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Many years ago, international film festivals in Karachi attracted
large audiences and some of the best filmmakers in the world. Satyajit
Ray, for example, was one of a host of world renowned directors
screening films in Karachi in the 1960s.

With this festival we hope to create, once again, a space for
alternative and independent cinema in Pakistan, where both experienced
and new filmmakers can exhibit their creative endeavours and where
work is recognized on the basis of merit. In addition, the festival
also provides an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to meet and
learn from each other.


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