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<nettime-ann> Creative Writing; Theory beyond practice (fwd)
Alan Sondheim on Fri, 1 Dec 2006 16:45:51 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Creative Writing; Theory beyond practice (fwd)


The way forward in creative writing theory

Creative Writing: Theory beyond practice

Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady (editors)

Creative Writing: Theory beyond practice is a collection of new major essays by international scholars and sets the agenda for creative writing studies in the next ten years.

Here writers, teachers and theorists identify theoretical underpinnings for
creativity and writing in a broad spectrum of experience  architecture,
psychology, ecology, philosophy, physiology, love, morality, sculpture and
the body. This new research lays innovative foundations for insight into the
nature of writing.

A book for practitioners, teachers and students, it prepares a way for
understanding the frameworks in which creative writing takes place in the
early twenty-first century. New major essays from:

Inez Baranay; Tess Brady; Donna Lee Brien; Kevin Brophy; Paul Dawson; Brian
Dibble; Marcelle Freiman; Anna Gibbs; Nigel Krauth; Jeri Kroll; Lance Olsen;
Hazel Smith; Alan Sondheim; Anne Surma; Thom Swiss & Maria Damon; Andrew
Taylor; McKenzie Wark; Jennifer Webb; Claire Woods

Krauth, Nigel & Tess Brady, eds (2006) Creative Writing: Theory beyond practice.

Brisbane: Post Pressed.

Purchase your copy online now, and get more information, at

Price $34.95 Aus + postage

(approx $27.56 US ; 14.02 UK)

Dr Tess Brady www.tessbrady.com.au <http://www.tessbrady.com.au/>

Creative Writing: Theory beyond practice
Tess Brady & Nigel Krauth (Eds.)

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