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<nettime-ann> call for proposals
Land Art Biennial Mongolia on Fri, 15 Dec 2006 17:38:03 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> call for proposals

In August 2007 the 1st international Mongolian Land Art Biennial will be held in the central Gobi near Bor Undur. Mongolian artists and artists from other countries are invited to enjoy the experience of realizing a project in the very special location of the Gobi.  The area offers a rich opportunity of the Mongolian landscape. Near the residence there are several springs, mountains, and stone deserts. During The summer the  land is green with many plants and flowers. Around the former Hotel, were the artists live, the landscape offers its pure vastness and original taste.
A number of 8 international artists will be invited for a work residency. During the residency in August 2007  artists have the opportunity to realize a land art work. Artists are asked to use natural materials out of the area. If special materials are needed  a request for the materials should be done in advance.
A final documentary exhibition including a catalogue and a according Symposium will present images of the realized works in the Union of Mongolian Artists  Gallery in Ulaanbaatar.
Artists who want to apply should send a clear proposal with a brief description of their work plan.
Interested artists are invited to submit the following by way of Application:
-            Personal information, contact address, email, web site
-            A current CV
           Documentation of work, up to 10 jpgs
-            General Statement by the Artist on their own Work Practice.
-           Typed 1 page proposal on approach to residency
-            Budget outline
Deadline for submissions is the 20th of January 2007
Submissions should be send with email to : LandArtMongolia {AT} yahoo.com
Final selections will be published during march  2007.
The Land Art Biennial Organizing Committee and Blue Horse Mongolia

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