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<nettime-ann> (annonce) - cipM - Marseille - Steve Dalachinsky

Hi all,
Pour info (mostly in french),

If you come to Marseille or if you're in Marseille, come to see, to
hear Steve Dalachinsky  {AT}  the international center of poetry
Marseille (see bio below).
Steve dalachinsky:

It's a well occasion to meet us, isn't it ?

Xavier Leton
centre international de poésie Marseille
Lettre d'information n°113, du 8 décembre 2006.
Steve Dalachinsky

du poète légendaire du downtown New York.
Steve Dalachinsky

Le vendredi 15 décembre 2006 à 19h00
Manifestation en collaboration
avec le festival NUIT D'HIVER organisé
par le Grim, scène musicale de Montévidéo,
Marseille du 14 au 21 décembre

Grim - 3, impasse montévidéo - 13006 Marseille
Tél. 04 91 04 69 59 - www.grim-marseille.com

Steve Dalachinsky

Steve Dalachinsky was born in 1946, Brooklyn, New York. His
work has appeared extensively in journals on & off line
including; Big Bridge, Milk, Unlikely Stories, Xpressed,
Ratapallax, Evergreen Review, Long Shot, Alpha Beat Soup,
Xtant, Blue Beat Jacket, N.Y. Arts Magazine, 88 and Lost and
Found Times. he is included in such anthologies as Beat
Indeed, The Haiku Moment and the esteemed Outlaw Bible of
American Poetry. He has written liner notes for the CDs of many
artists including Anthony Braxton, Charles Gayle, James "Blood"
Ulmer, Rashied Ali, Roy Campbell, Matthew Shipp and Roscoe
Mitchell. His 1999 CD, Incomplete Direction (Knitting Factory
Records), a collection of his poetry read in collaboration with
various musicians, such as William Parker, Matthew Shipp,
Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Thurston Moore (SonicYouth),
Vernon Reid (Living Colour) has garnered much praise. His
most recent chapbooks include Musicology (Editions Pioche,
Paris 2005), Trial and Error in Paris (Loudmouth Collective
2003), Lautreamont's Laments (Furniture Press 2005), In
Glorious Black and White (Ugly Duckling Presse 2005), St.
Lucie (King of Mice Press 2005), Are We Not MEN & Fake Book
(2 books of collage - 8 Page Press 2005). Dream Book
(Avantcular Press 2005). His books include A Superintendent's
Eyes (Hozomeen Press 2000) and The Final Nite (complete
notes from a Charles Gayle Notebook, Ugly Duckling Presse
2006). His latest CD is Phenomena of Interference, a
collaboration with pianist Matthew Shipp (Hopscotch Records
2005). He has read throughout the N.Y. area, the U.S., Japan
and Europe, including France and Germany.


A publié dans les revues et magazines : Long Shot, Alpha Beat
Soup, Xtant, Blue Beat Jacket, Night, Nomad Choir,
Connections, Big Hammer, Pagan Place, Strider, Unbearable
Assemblage Magazines, NY Arts Magazine, the Lost and Found
Times, the catalogue of sculptor Alain Kirili, Pitchfork,
Freeverse, Zzzyne, Cer.Ber.Us, N.Y. Nights Greetings, 6X6,
Weavers, etc.

A lu notamment au Knitting Factory, Tonic, The Cooler, Short
Wave - Soft Skull Bookstore, Barnes and Nobles Astor Place,
Tribes Gallery, The Pink Pony, Cornelia Street Cafe, Brecht
Forum, The Vision Festival, The Jump Festival, St Marks Poetry
Project, Beth Sholom Synagogue, New York University, The
Small Press Center, The Mid-Manhattan Library, Here, ABC
No Rio.

Le cipM sera à nouveau ouvert à partir du 9 janvier 2007. Nous
vous souhaitons nos meilleurs voeux pour l'an neuf. *** centre
international de poésie Marseille
Centre de la Vieille Charité - 2, rue de la Charité -
13236 Marseille Cedex 02
Tel : 04 91 91 26 45 - fax : 04 91 90 99 51
www.cipmarseille.com - cipm {AT} cipmarseille.com

ouvert du mardi au samedi, de 12h à 19h - entrée libre
|_++ 33 [+]4 91 42 52 57
|_++ 33 [+]6 86 72 70 15

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