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<nettime-ann> Job {AT} Waag Society
Geert Lovink on Wed, 3 Jan 2007 21:16:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Job {AT} Waag Society

From: Frank Kresin <frank {AT} waag.org>

Waag Society is an Amsterdam based cultural institution and medialab developing innovative technologies that interface with diverse aspects of society. A hub for ICT research and development in Holland, Waag Society is a project-based, non-profit foundation working in the domains of education, healthcare, culture and politics. Over the past ten years, it has created a large, award-winning portfolio of projects situated in seven themed programmes such as Creative Learning, Shared Narratives, and Locative Media. Through its many collaborative projects with national and international partners, it has established a solid reputation for creative R&D with social objectives.

We are looking for a

Head of Programme (e-)culture m/v (32-40 hours a week)

The Head of Programme is responsible for the contents and development of one of the seven programmes at Waag Society. We are looking for an inspiring, experienced person with an independent opinion on the role of art and culture in combination with ICT in contemporary science and society. The Head of Programme will develop new initiatives in close collaboration with artists, scientists and editors and will enhance the role that Waag Society has to play as a podium for experiments and debate in (e-)culture. Activities and responsibilities include the writing of project proposals, finding partners and funding, running the artists-in-residence programme and organising and hosting presentations, workshops and events of all sorts.

The full text of this position (in Dutch) can be found at http://www.waag.org/vacature. International applications are welcome, but relevant experience in the Dutch context and a passive understanding of Dutch are required.
Kijk voor de volledige tekst op http://www.waag.org/vacature

Sollicitaties kun je tot uiterlijk 22 januari 2007 sturen naar:

Waag Society
Tav. Frank Kresin
Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam
Tel. 020 - 557 98 98
Mail frank {AT} waag.org

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