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<nettime-ann> SERIOUS GAMES: Two evenings of live performances by at Exi
Sarah Ryhanen on Sun, 14 Jan 2007 18:46:46 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> SERIOUS GAMES: Two evenings of live performances by at Exit Art; January 20 and 27




The Play of Chance Inside the Play of Luck




Saturdays, January 20 and 27, 2007  8-10PM



Rob Andrews, Eduardo Citron, Mayumi Ishino, Saeri Kiritani, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Wanda Ortiz, Jolie Pichardo, Pasha Radetzki, Boryana Rossa, Rafael Sanchez with Jonathan Hyppolite, Mark Stafford, Traci Tullius

“The Trickster performance theatre is an experimental approach to presenting performance art in which unique individual voices make up a collective work. The artists develop a specific shared subject. The group performs simultaneously inside an exhibition of the same subject. The curve of performance art is the collective theatre”.

     Papo Colo, Director


Performance Descriptions

BeGGa is an interdisiplinary monologue performed by Pasha Radetzki. The work will present an artist as a beggar and a beggar as an artist. Radetzki will employ sculpture, sound, rhymes, and action to perform an act of begging.


In Grace, artist Wanda Ortiz will attempt to remain graceful while having an easel strapped to her body. The performance aims to examine the life of a woman who is trying to tow the line between her two disparate selves.


In Divided By Mark Stafford presents the fourth work in a cycle of performances dealing with language as a subject.  This performance explores the notion of language as an object.  Although functionally designed to strengthen our interpersonal relationships, language is often manipulated to build conceptual and social forms that rupture and replace the natural bonds between us.

In Touch and Go Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow takes on the role of an athletic swimmer in training.  Competing with herself, the artist depends on the audience to dictate a swimming technique, which she then sets out to perform from one end of the swimming platform to the other.
In her untitled performance Saeri Kiritani becomes a ghostly virgin-bride dressed in a traditional Japanese wedding Kimono. Throughout her performance she will interact with a golden basketball evoking  ephemeral American Dream.
In Target Practice Rafael Sachez will address how first world countries target other countries for their natural resources. Referencing a Coney Island game called " Shoot the Freak", where people pay money to shoot paint balls at a man dressed in an animal costume, Sanchez will invite the audience to throw coal, diamonds, and oil at him. (With Jonathan Hyppolite)
Eduardo Citron’s performance The Good People explores human behavior, specifically the option of violating norms and challenging expectations without a sense of accountability. Cintron will attempt to write a quote by Plato fifty times on the floor with eight-inch stencils and salt.

In Hopscotch Haikus Jolie Pichardo revisits her childhood through a game of political hopscotch; balancing, hopping and jotting down haikus written by partner Oliver Fuentes.

In an untitled performance by Rob Andrews, the audience is invited to individually help the artist attend to a sack of grain which is leaking from the ceiling. The urgency of picking up the spilled millet eventually lessens to the point of abandonment as artist’s interest is swayed to the newly forged relationship with the spectator.

Over the course of her performance Screwball, Traci Tullius will create a full-body cast of herself. Dressed in a full Baseball uniform, covered in Vaseline, she will pose as a ballplayer, valiantly multi-tasking while staying stoically still, allowing the plaster set. 


In her series of performances dealing with biotechnology and self modification, Boryana Rossa will have a nurse take her blood, which she will then spray onto an image of herself.

SERIOUS GAMES is the fourth project in a new way of doing performance art, other projects include prayingproject, Water Project and Wild Nights

Current Exhibition

RENEGADES: 25 Years of Performance at Exit Art a Selection from the Archives

RENEGADES on view through January 27, 2007.


General Information

Exit Art is located at 475 Tenth Avenue at 36th Street. Exit Art is open each Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am – 6 pm; Friday, 10 am – 8 pm; Saturday, noon – 8 pm Closed Sunday and Monday.  There is a suggested donation of $5.  For more information, the public may call 212-966-7745 or visit www.exitart.org.


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Sarah Ryhanen
Assistant Curator
Exit Art
475 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
T: 212.966.7745 ext. 15

December 16, 2006-January 28, 2007

RENEGADES: 25 Years of Performance at Exit Art, A Selection From The Archives

Holiday Windows by Peter Caine

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