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<nettime-ann> Graphics Poster Contest for B-ucharEST International Film
bucharest international film festival on Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:52:31 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Graphics Poster Contest for B-ucharEST International Film Festival 2007


Charta Foundation invites you to express your vote and to participate in the Graphics Poster Contest for BucharEST International Film Festival (B-EST IFF - www.b-estfilmfest.com).


Apart from the aim to discover very good quality advertising works, the organizers wish to encourage poster graphics creations and to offer the graphicians (proffesional and amateurs) the opportunity for public acknowledgement, particularly showing great interest in young artists with future perspectives in the graphics design (students in the arts schools).


The novelty of this event consists in the fact that the proposed works will be the subject of the public’s online evaluation on the site of the festival.


The winner of the contest will receive a prize of  400 de euro, offered by the unique sponsor of the event, Printco printing house (www.printco.ro).


The contest starts on the 10th of  January and ends on March the 25th 2007. During this period it is possible for the organizers to send to all the contacts selected from a collective list, a regularly (weekly) classification along with participation invitations , either for contestants, or for the public who wishes to vote the proposed creations. We apologize in advance in case these emails will somehow inconvenience somebody, and kindly ask you to point out this  discomfort by sending an email to office {AT} b-estfilmfest.com .


If you wish to promote the image of your company, foundation or institution in our contest, please do not hesitate to contact us!


B-EST regards !


Irina-Andreea Malcea,

Festival General Secretary

Phone: +40 741 942 882

e-mail: irina {AT} b-estfilmfest.com


 If you wish to express your vote, click on : http://www.b-estfilmfest.com/concurs.php



If you want to submit your work, click on : http://www.b-estfilmfest.com/sign_up.php



…….. in order to be the B-EST, please do the BEST and take a look at the contest’s regulations, terms and conditions of participation just by a quick click on :                       http://www.b-estfilmfest.com/templates/ro/contest_conditions.html


CHARTA FOUNDATION - RABAT Str, Nr. 13A, sector 1, Bucharest, ROMANIA, CUI F.C.15640920

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