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<nettime-ann> life after capitalism (Modified by Geert Lovink)
Dropping Knowledge on Tue, 30 Jan 2007 21:09:02 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> life after capitalism (Modified by Geert Lovink)

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three free voices on life after capitalism

This was the week of the world forums. The World Economic Forum 2007 in Davos started on January 24 and will last until Monday 28, 2007. This annual meeting is characterized by growing business participation. This year 800 of the 2,400 participants are chief executives or chairmen. The participants will address this year’s theme “The Shifting Power Equation”.

The theme of the 7th annual World Social Forum this week in Nairobi was “People’s Struggles, People’s Alternatives”. The World Social Forum is expanding democratic spaces for those seeking concrete, sustainable and progressive alternatives to globalization. 

Both conferences triggered us to think about the question: “What’s after capitalism?” Take a look at how some of our participants at September’s Table of Free Voices answered the question. Then share your own thoughts on the subject on www.droppingknowledge.org

Anthony Arnove is one of the most fearless of the younger generation of American cultural commentator and activitists.

See Anthony Arnove's full video answer and transcript

Anuradha Mittal is the founder and director of The Oakland Institute, a policy think tank dedicated to key social, economic, environmental and foreign policy issues.

See Anuradha Mittal's full video answer and transcript

Mohau Pheko established Motheo Integrity Consultants to deliver economic and social research to parliamentarians, women’s organisations and civil servants.

See Mohau Pheko's full video answer and transcript

Over 100 more answers to this question can be found in The Table of Free Voices Archive. Also be sure to check out how Table participants answered questions like “Why is it socially acceptable to hoard wealth while so many go without basic needs?” or “Does our wealth depend on the 3rd world being poor?”

dropping knowledge in 2007

dropping knowledge invites you to stay active and drop your knowledge in 2007. We are planning many exciting events and projects for this year. A documentary film about the Table of Free Voices event will be produced and more Tables are in the works. Stay tuned for more details.

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