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<nettime-ann> Workshop - Remote Presence: Streaming Life - call for appl
jhopkins on Wed, 21 Feb 2007 21:09:33 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Workshop - Remote Presence: Streaming Life - call for applications

***Apologies for cross-posting!  Please forward to interested parties!***

Following is a call for applicants to a workshop I am running in Helsinki
in March -- check it out, and please forward this announcement!  Maybe see
some of you there!?  For those of you thinking of coming from beyond
Helsinki, there are some possibilities for cheap or free housing...  And
remember the workshop is part of the very energized pixelache festival
scene (http://www.pixelache.ac/).


Workshop Call for Applicants:

Remote Presence: Streaming Life

Presented by John Hopkins as part of the pixelache 2007 "Architectures of
Participation" Festival and in collaboration with Artists' Association MUU

Dates: March 21-23 & 26-31, 2007
Location: MUU gallery & Media Base, Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki, Finland
Hours: 1030 to 1630



In the ubiquity of networked media spaces where we distribute our wireless
lives, what happens to our creative processes? How may we build a
functioning architecture of participation for productive collaboration and
interaction between the Self and Others?

This dynamic workshop will bring participants to a new state of awareness
about their own creative practice. It will accomplish this through an
exploration of human collaboration and connection within the space of
networks. It explores conceptual and practical issues around creative
engagement, finishing with the hands-on production of a live and online
streaming-media network event with global participation.

The workshop is open to anyone from any discipline with an interest in
collaboration and creative engagement at both a local and remote scale.
There are NO technical background requirements. People with previous
experience in streaming media, performance, digital audio and video, VJ
work, etc, who wish to push their practice to a new collaborative level
are also welcome.

On Saturday, 31 March, the final day of the workshop will be a live &
online event. Workshop participants will not only develop digital content
for the event, but will also help facilitate all aspects of it including
the technical infrastructure, the local ambience, and the remote

For detailed information visit the webpage:


A  maximum of 15 participants will be chosen from local and international
applicants with the idea to bring together a wide spectrum of
cross-disciplinary energies.


Those interested will need to send their:




Along with your reasons for interest in the workshop and a brief
background (studies, creative work, activities) to:

neopixel {AT} pixelache.ac

DEADLINE for Applications 5 March 2007.


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