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<nettime-ann> artstream: Holger Mohaupt
Chris Byrne on Tue, 20 Mar 2007 17:34:03 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> artstream: Holger Mohaupt

artstream: Holger Mohaupt


'You can't take too little, but you can take too much'

Through sound, photography and moving image, Holger Mohaupt explores perceptions of Jamaican culture, based on the recipes of a local cook.

The work is part of a collaboration between Graham Fagen and Holger Mohaupt. Both artists went to Jamaica to make new pieces of work: Graham Fagen for an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow to commemorate the abolition of slavery 200 years ago; and Holger Mohaupt to make a piece of work exploring the manifestations of current culture in Jamaica.

artstream is an experiment exploring the potentials of artists’ use of streaming media. artstream comprises occasional projects with live and prerecorded material. Follow this link to experience the current project.


Holger Mohaupt is an artist based in Glasgow. He is interested in the manifestations of culture in urban and rural environments, in particular the relationship between architecture and its inhabitants. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the School of Media Arts & Imaging, University of Dundee.

'You can't take too little, but you can take too much' is presented by ARC Projects, and supported by Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow; School of Media Arts & Imaging, University of Dundee.

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