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<nettime-ann> Full-Time Visiting Interactive Design professor position
Mason Dixon on Mon, 30 Apr 2007 19:09:46 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Full-Time Visiting Interactive Design professor position

Full-Time Visiting Interactive Design professor position
University of the Arts Multimedia Department seeks candidates to fill a visiting designer position as an assistant or associate professor. Rank and salary will depend upon qualifications and experience.

The Multimedia department is home to UArts’ interdisciplinary curriculum for designers interested in interactive and installation design as well as, practical and entrepreneurial applications for the creative arts. Located in dynamic Center City Philadelphia, this program focuses on creating young media designers, not limited by traditional mediums of study and ready to excel in the wide variety of options open to creative individuals today. The curriculum offers web design and development, installation art, video and animation, media theory and research, in addition to easy access to the University’s programs in liberal arts, music, and graphic design. Students develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills through a combination of studio practice, academic courses, and professional development.

For more information about the program: http://cmacweb.org/dept.cfm? sec=m

For more information about the position: http://uarts.edu/contact/ jobs.cfm

Interested, qualified applicants should submit the following to the University's Office of Personnel Services, Multimedia Search Committee: Cover letter • Curriculum vitae. • Portfolio with SASE • A statement outlining your approach to teaching in an interdisciplinary field. • Names/addresses/phone numbers of three professional references.

Please send required materials to:

The University of the Arts
Interactive Design, Multimedia Search Committee
Office of Personnel Services
320 South Broad Street, Rm. 140
Philadelphia, PA 19102
personnel {AT} uarts.edu_______________________________________________
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