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<nettime-ann> Turbulence Spotlight: "Disappearing Places and Time Indefi
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<nettime-ann> Turbulence Spotlight: "Disappearing Places and Time Indefinite" by Matthew Belanger

May 1, 2007
Turbulence Spotlight: "Disappearing Places and Time Indefinite" by Matthew
Belanger, with Marianne R. Petit

"Disappearing Places" is both an archive and collective map of places that
no longer exist, at least not as they once did. Users can upload stories and
images, link them to a corresponding location or street address, and tag
them. They can also browse the stories and places other individuals have

"Time Indefinite": We all experience the occasional moment in life that has
a clarity unlike the rest of our days. "Time Indefinite" is both a
repository of significant moments and a timeline that charts where we
collectively stand. Users can upload stories and images, tag them, and
browse the stories and moments others have contributed.

We are launching these sites on the one year anniversary of Belanger and
Petit's 2006 Turbulence Commission, "The Saddest Thing I Own."


Matthew Belanger is a New York City and Berkshire County based new media
artist, programmer, and consultant. His works include documentary video,
large-scale digital photography, interactive online applications and
software development. His complete portfolio can be seen at:

Marianne R. Petit is an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive
Telecommunications Program at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York
University. Her work can be seen at: mariannepetit.com.

For more Turbulence Spotlights, please visit http://turbulence.org/spotlight

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